OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Dad)

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I’ve never been diagnosed with OCD as I’ve never felt the need to be.
I’m not even sure you could say I have OCD but I have SOMETHING.

When the shopping is delivered and I pack all the tins and packets away, the tins have to face forward. All the packets of rice have to be sorted by flavour.

Beef, Mexican, Chicken, Curry…all nice and neat.

I used to work for a company called JMC and we had a deck of playing cards. In more than one occasion I sat and set them all to face the same way.

I don’t HAVE to so this. I don’t think the world will end or my house will burn down but if I don’t do it I either have to distract myself with something else or it’s like an itch I can’t scratch.

This causes an issue as a dad.

Yellow, Red, Green, Blue…Yellow, Red, Green, Bl…..Noooooooooooo!!!

Every night we tidy away all the toys. A thankless task, but we like to sit and relax (eventually) in a tidy home.
Being an Obsessive Compulsive Dad means having to find all the elements of each toy before I tidy it away.

I’ve got better at letting this go. After all with two boys under three, some toys find their way into places you wouldn’t believe!

Is this a normal thing? Do you crawl around the floor looking for Me Potato Heads moustache before you can place him in his home for the night?


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  1. Ha! Yeah, I’m the same and even wrote a post about it with the same title once upon a time. I wasn’t going to mention that last bit, but my obsessive tendencies wouldn’t allow me to leave the computer without having pointed that out…

  2. I wouldn’t say I have OCD but I actually hate anyone ‘helping’ me put the toys away! I know the way I like them and that’s that! lol 😉 x Nothing like having kids to make you realise you’re a control freak… :)))

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