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I’ll admit it! in SOME cases I am a “Typical Bloke”! If I’m ill, I wont take medication (Although this is mostly because I forget). I Don’t see any point in going to the doctors, after all he will only give me something I will forget to take anyway!

Instead of course, I will mope around at home, moaning to the wife or anybody else that’s willing to listen that I’m ill. unfortunately, I get about as much sympathy from the wife as I do BB, which, yes you’ve guessed it, isn’t a lot!

With the kids however, I’m different. At the slightest possibility of them being ill, I am eager for them to be seen by the top doctors in the country! I’m not quite “I don’t care that its 3am on Sunday, my son has sniffles” kinda crazy, but you get my point.
So when The Mrs picked BB up from nursery the other day and they suggested he should possibly go see the doctor, I’ve been having palpitations since.

She suggested he has something called “Glue Ear”.

Glue ear is a common childhood condition in which the middle ear becomes filled with fluid. The medical term for glue ear is otitis media with effusion (OME).It’s estimated that one in five children around the age of two will be affected by glue ear at any given time, and about 8 in every 10 children will have had glue ear at least once by the time they are 10 years old.

Sounds OK, right? nothing too worrying. Sounds pretty common. In fact I’m told that both The Mrs and her sister had this when they were younger.
Seems he suffers from some of the symptoms, so it sounds plausible:

The most common sign of glue ear is hearing loss, which can affect one or both ears.
•speak quietly – YES!
•easily “tune out” of conversations when they are distracted – YES!
•experience problems with communication, learning and social skills (these problems will usually resolve once hearing is restored to normal) – YES!
•episodes of mild ear pain – He has on occasion complained of this when we have found him standing with fingers in his ears.
•irritability – Erm..2 year old!
•problems sleeping – See above….2 year old!
•balance problems and clumsiness – Sometimes, but I know his mum, so can’t blame him for this!
•delayed speech and language development in younger children if the condition lasts a long time – YES!

Then I read THIS!

Treating glue ear
Most cases of glue ear don’t require treatment as the condition will improve by itself, usually within three months.
Treatment is normally only recommended when symptoms last longer than three months and the hearing loss is thought to be significant enough to interfere with a child’s speech and language development.
 In these circumstances, glue ear can usually be treated using minor surgery, which involves placing small tubes (grommets) in the ear to help drain away the fluid.

“In these circumstances, glue ear can usually be treated using minor surgery”….SURGERY!!
OMFG, my boy might need surgery? Really? Can I have instead of him?

After I finally calmed myself down I realised that this is a common thing, this SURGERY, might not be needed and even if it is, it’s minor and common and my son isn’t going to end up deaf.

So tell me dear readers. This is nothing to worry about right? He’s going to be fine, right? He’s going to go to the doctors and hes going to make it better, right? RIGHT?

Will let you know what the doctor says and yes, I do hope it’s Doc McStuffins. She can fix anything. Hopefully she’ll diagnose him with glueinyouearitus, write it into the big book of booboos, we will sing a song and all will be well!


I hope

As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. Perhaps I have had glue ear since I have been married with the same symptoms

    •easily “tune out” of conversations when distracted – something good on TV
    •experience problems with communication – Don’t understand what she is asking for
    •episodes of mild ear pain -in the ear or ass
    •irritability – not enough sleep
    •problems sleeping – creeps over to my side or takes all the duvet
    •balance problems and clumsiness – Friday nights
    •delayed speech – Friday nights

    Great post 🙂

    1. Hmmm, Im no doctor, but that doesnt sound like Glue Ear.
      Sounds ‘Immarriedanddrunkitus’ There is no known cure, im afraid.

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