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As you know from following and hanging on every word I type, I recently got a new job!

I start in 6 days and if I’m honest I’m terrified and excited.
I’m terrified because it’s a big change. I’ve worked in Travel for 99% of my working life.
Without working in travel and this company in particular I wouldn’t have met my beautiful wife and in turn wouldn’t have the beautiful children which make up my beautiful family and for that I am grateful.

But times have changed. The company I will be leaving doesn’t want me anymore ant the company I am going to does. It will bring new challenges and new skills and a new wife…..ok maybe not, but that’s OK.

Speaking of my wife if your paying attention the title of this post is jam-packed full of plurals! That’s because my wife (did I mention she’s beautiful) has ALSO. Got another job.

Since that same travel company didn’t want her anymore made her redundant, she’s first stayed at home with the kids and most recently worked a receptionist job on a zero hour contract. Until today!

Last week she applied for her dream job. Today the called to offer her the position. She will be training sales staff, again in travel. The pay is good. The hours are perfect and I know she’ll do great.

So next Monday we both begin a new adventure. We both start new jobs.

Exciting times at DWB HQ! Terrifying! But exciting! Monday morning is gonna be a nervous time for both of us!

How we celebrated!

As always, thanks for reading and yes, the Krispy Kreme was awesome.


  1. The most amazing well done to both of you for your new adventures!!! i am sending the biggest best wishes to you both and i am sure you will both be amazing!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments … its like 2 for the price of one over here today! x

  2. Congratulations to you both – getting a job these days with the amount of competition that there is about is no mean feat. Trust me; it’s bloody fierce!

    1. I’ll be honest, breaking a leg on the first day may not give the greatest impression! Lol. Thanks for commenting

  3. Many congratulations to both of you! Really works out well…we spend so long at work it’s really important we enjoy it…and know that our employer values us. Sounds like you guys are onto a winner – well done!

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