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The other day, I was told I seem to sit on the fence a little too much. There’s certain subjects I try to stay neutral on. I like to call it being diplomatic!

There’s certain subjects where I’m not so quick to get a splinter in my backside.
One of those subjects is donating blood.


I try to give blood as often as possible. I would give it more if the NHS allowed it. I know there are reasons why people can’t but what I don’t like is people who won’t.

Here’s some facts about blood donating:

  •  Over 25% of us require blood at least once in our lifetime…
  • Only 4% of adults are currently donors…
  • We collect around 1,900,000 blood donations each year
  • Each blood donation can help as many as 3 people
  • 100 donations equates to 47 litres of blood
  • B- Bloodis rare Only 2% of the population are B-
  • 8% of donors are donating for the first time.

We all come in different shapes, different sizes, ages and races, but the one thing we have in common is we bleed. Whatever blood type you are, you have something in common with somebody somewhere in the world.

If your reading this blog, your either a parent, bored or you stumbled upon it and your probably regretting it. Either way, you wouldn’t want to think that your life could be have been saved if somebody couldn’t be bothered to donate, or was ‘scared’ of needles.

Below is a small snippet of an article from

Amazing Stories – Sidney Mullan

Sidney Mullan‘Little Soldier’ Sidney

Born 13 weeks early and weighing only slightly more than a 1kg bag of sugar, Sidney was just five days old when he  developed a potentially life-changing blood infection.

Described as a ‘little soldier’ by his mum Emily Mullan, Sidney was expected to need at least one blood transfusion as he was born prematurely but the infection meant he needed four units of blood as well as two platelet transfusions.

Emily, who is a children’s nurse at the Isle of Wight Hospital, said: ‘If Sidney hadn’t of got his platelets when he did, it could have been life changing for him.’

To read the rest and to read other amazing stories, go HERE.

So please, PLEASE, if you can go give blood. Visit and make an appointment and help save lives.

In case you’re wondering I am AB Positive….Only 3% of the UK have the same blood type as me. My mum always said I was special. I’m sure this is what she meant.

As always, thanks for reading.

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