Guess whos going to BritMums Live

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OK, you don’t ACTUALLY have to guess. It’s obviously me. Why would I blog about somebody else going to BritMums Live?

It’s official! Well about as official as it’s ever going to be anyway.

It’s not been an easy task, but I think everything is in place.
It wasnt easy for a few reasons, one of the biggest was money. Although BritMums Live is (I keep being reminded) and awesome event and a must-attend for any parent bloggers, it’s also a hefty financial commitment. The cost for tickets, train fare, accommodation, expenses while there can all easily be well over £100.
I love this blog and I love the 3 or 4 people who read it, but with 5 mouths to feed (Sometimes the dog can eat more than us!), I cannot justify that expense.

Many people who attend the event get sponsors whom pay for everything but I didn’t feel comfortable going down this route because:
A) If I were a company, I wouldn’t sponsor me, so why should I expect anybody else to. I have mentioned the possibility to a few contacts but nobody showed any interest anyway! 🙂
B) I don’t take charity well. I like to pay my way. Many years ago, when I first met my now father-in-law, I refused to let him buy me a McDonald’s. Silly looking back, but at the time my morals just wouldn’t let somebody pay my way…now, I’ll let him buy me anything!
C) All the things people normally offer to sponsors, I wasnt convinced I could deliver. Adverts? X amount of posts a year? all on a blog that doesn’t get a great deal of traffic, therefore your ‘investment’ wouldnt be repaid.

So I decided to go ‘follower funded’.
The lovely Kylie from Not Even a bag of Sugar was kind enough to buy me a ticket. This blew my mind. I couldn’t understand why somebody would be so kind as to spend money out of their own pocket, just to help me go to a blogging event. needless to say, I was extremely grateful and happy that I had a ticket!
It turns out however, I no longer needed that ticket as myself and the guys from the LoveAllDads podcast have been asked to speak at the event, so BritMums kindly provide me with a ticket! I am extremely happy that my original ticket has been passed to a much more well deserved blogger so that she can attend without worrying about the expense.
Next was train fare. I havent bought these tickets yet as it seems best to wait till a little closer the time, so hope to be getting these soon, but thanks to some cockney style market trade dealings (I sold some un-needed stuff), I now have funds to purchase tickets.
I think I have sweet talked somebody into allowing me to sleep in a room they already have booked. (you know who you are *winks*). Im expecting a couple of shandy’s may be on order as a thankyou!

So there you go! All set! I’m Going to BritMums LIVE!!!

Now that is all arranged, I can start worrying about the fact that, I am going to an event with nearly 5000 people. I can be pretty shy you see! You might not have noticed but there’s never a lot of photos of me on my blog or twitter!

So, are you going to BritMums Live?
If you see me, come say hi!!…..becaue I will probably be too shy to do the same!

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Looking forward to finally meeting you and taking to the stage with the podcast massive! It’s going to be a great event and everyone’s really friendly. It’ll be a blast!

  2. I love how the community pulls together and help each other out – this is a lovely post. Maybe we will work on your blog confidence between now and then. Look forward to meeting you 🙂

  3. See you there, I’m really looking forward to the whole experience. I’ve been blown away by a fab company offering to sponsor me. A company I’m really happy to be associated with. It means I can enjoy the event and not worry about how I will pay for it all.

  4. You won’t be able to hide being one of the few men who’ll be going. It’s great to get the chance to go, whether sponsored or not. Hope to meet you there.

  5. What a lovely gesture – someone bought you a ticket? Wow! I am not so much shy, but can get very anxious about large scale events like this and it’s the first blogging conference I’ve been too so I will be sure to say hi if I see you. Until June..!

    1. Please do say hi. This will be my second as I am going to a smaller one in Manchester in May. I think bigger is better for me as there are more people for me to hide behind! Lol see you in June!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m gonna steal bottles of wine and walk around filling people glasses. People are bound to like me then!

  6. What a wonderful act of kindness. Its easy to feel a bit strange when things like that happen these days but yet its a credit to both of you. You have wonderful content and its nice to have more dads at the conference. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it! Fear Not.

  7. This year will be my first BritMums Live experience. It was largely the money thing that stopped me from going. Like you say, it’s a big expense. However, I took the plunge this year. I still have to get my train ticket, but I WILL be there!
    How lovely that someone bought you a ticket and that you have in turn given it to someone else.
    Hopefully our paths will cross! Hope you enjoy!

    1. Look forward to meeting you! Of course if your interested in podcasting come see us talk about it on Saturday morning! Like I wasn’t nervous enough! Lol

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