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Wow. 2013 has been a busy little year at DWB HQ!
Back in January, I did a post called ‘2013 – A year in Preview’, where instead of looking at the year past, we looked forward. It’s interesting to read back and where I thought we would be and where we actually are. Of course feel free, to read the whole post, but for those lazy people amongst you, here’s a quick round up of what I said and what I did!

BB’s first word – Technically, we’ve had this. Although he’s still not talking as much as we want him too, we still started the journey of words in 2013!
Registering BB for a nursery – Not only have we registered BB for a nursery, he has started going to nursery once a week!
Get healthier – This is something I am very proud about. I have definitely got healthier. At my last weigh in, I had lost 4st! It’s hard to appreciate how much 4st weighs, but I promise you, it makes a massive difference!
Make our house a home – Another task we managed to complete. We changed the whole layout of the first floor of our house. Had walls knocked down and built and even installed a new kitchen with my own fair hands!
BS’s being playful (BS, now known as LB) – I had a dream. A dream of 2 children, MY children, running and playing together. Well, that little dream definitely came true. Theres still a few tears every now and then when it gets a little rough, but I love watching my two boys playing together!

A few other things have happened in 2013;
The Mrs went back to work
Benjamin had his 2nd birthday
My blog ‘grew up’. I went from blogger as firsttimedaddy, to here on wordpress with my own domain name as dadwhoblogs.
I am sure there are other things I’ve forgotten!

2014What will 2014 hold? Here’s a guess/some min resolutions!
Get even healthier – In 2013 I have lost a fair bit of weight. I don’t want to stop, so I hope to lose more in 2014. The Mrs will continue to go to Slimming World and I will continue to support her.
Run a 5k – I think I have said this before in the real world, but I am determined. before losing weight running was not fun, in fact I’m sure even after weight loss it wont be fun, but I know that a year ago 5k would not have been possible…this year it will be!
Attend Britmums LIVE – I have loved interacting with many people through this blog and through social media. I have also followed the event at Britmums LIVE every year, so hopefully in 2014, I can attend the event and meet some of you wonderful people! Even if it means top and tailing with Onedad3Girls!
BB starts nursery – In September 2014, BB will go to school. As you know if you read my rambles, Ive wanted BB to go to nursery a lot more than he could. In September he starts for real!
Start trying for baby number 3 – Ha Ha..I’m only joking!
Blog More – I keep saying this, but I will do it!
Reach the Top 500 of the Tots 100 – That sounds weird when you read it out loud. I’m not hung up on figures (unless it’s my wife’s of course) but it’s a mini target to aim for!

What are you looking forward to in 2014? What ever it is, I hope whatever you dream of or whatever you hope for, it all becomes a reality.
It has been a real pleasure doing this blog this year and although I am not exactly setting the blogging world on fire, or even getting a few burning embers, I have enjoyed every letter of it.
Thanks for sticking with me in 2013 and everybody at DWB HQ, would like to wish you a very happy new year.

As always, thanks for reading


  1. I enjoyed reading this little bro and like you 2013 brought massive changed in the Goodenoughs house after 22 years of trying to bring a life into the world baby Morgan was born and he’s grown so much. Unlike you I got fatter this year but not due to over eating but due to having a baby in my tummy. 2014 is to bring yet more changes as Baby G no 2 is cooking as we speak. Having two baby’s under 2 is going to be hard but tons of fun. Double trouble x

  2. Well done on the weight loss and best of luck with your 5k ambitions although its a slippery slope donning the lycra and youll be running a marathon bwfore you know it. Checkout for free 5ks to participate in. Have you thought about crowdfunding for BritMums – I’d toss in a quid to read about your exploits of sharing a bed with OneDad3Girls 😉

  3. What a year – loving your goals – I think baby number 3 is a fab idea lol – I would think so for myself but for others its fine 😉

    See you at Brim Mums Live. Thanks for linking up

  4. What a lovely post. Glad you achieved what you set out and hope the same is true of this year. Are you running for Teamhonk/Sportsrelief. 4 stone is a great achievement – very well done. I wish you all the best in 2014.

    1. I’m not. I am in no way a runner so going to build up gradually, although I did notice that Teamhonk relay comes close to me! lol
      Maybe next year when I do my 10K! 🙂

  5. What an amazing round up, i so know where your coming form on the going self hosted thing as a blogger its super scary!

    I look forward to reading more through 2014!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

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