My Road to weight loss 07/01/14

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On January 8th 2013 my wife and I started a journey. It’s a journey that we have started on many times, but never got close to our destination.

That journey is a weight loss one. I have talked about weight loss HERE and HERE and up until December I kept a note in a little book of my progress, but that’s full and now I have nowhere to write down my ups and downs. Then I realised! I could use my blog!

Weve been following Slimming World. The Mrs attends class and I just support her and follow it with her. It really can work if you stick to it!Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

So apologies if you came here looking for some stellar advice on what to do s a dad, but if you hadn’t realised already, you’re in the wrong place!

If you can’t find the time to read my other blog posts above, here’s a brief history of how we got to where I am now.
FATAfter a very heavy (pun intended) Christmas and New Year where we ate and drank pretty much everything in the world, I have still lost a respectable 3 and a half stone (Approx).

So part 2 of my journey starts today. I haven’t really set myself and end target, but I think I would like to lose another 2.5 stone this year. That would take me to 6 stone in total. Can it be done? Yes! Will it be done? YES!!!!

FAT2Dare to dream! and yes…I do have a little man crush on Joe Manganiello

Next weigh day, I will keep you updated on how I got on this week and if there was any losses or gains next week….Just before a holiday EEEEKK!

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  1. Good luck with carrying on the road to lighterness.

    Best bit of advice i ever got was whatever you it needs to be sustainable and integrate into your daily life as a habit otherwise youll just pile it on.

    You could also consider having a 3rd child – that would be a good work out 😉

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