Bad Times

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We’ve been here before.
A time of uncertainty.
The loss of a job.
But now the landscape is different.
Now it’s all encompassing.

Today I was told this time next year I won’t have a job. Not as I know it today.
I was told to he company I have been employed by for a total of 13 years no longer wants me.
The office which I call a home for 8 hours a day will be closed. No longer used by its current tenants.

That means that within a 2 year period, both The Mrs and I have been made redundant. By the same company.

As with all if these types of situations, nothing is final until it’s final.
The prospect if working elsewhere scares me.
New job
New people.
New career.

Before it was a choice, now it’s a certainty.

Bad times.

A always, thanks for reading.


  1. Sorry to hear this. It really does suck. Has your wife found a new job? If so, from experience all I can say is start mega budgeting, cutting costs, everything you can to prepare for one, or no income.

    this happened to me in March 2013 and thankfully I had seen it coming a few months beforehand so we cut back to operating at a level that one salary would allow, meaning that when the firm did close its doors, it wasn’t such a shock.

    But it is still a shock.

  2. So sorry to hear this mate; I can completely relate to how you feel at the moment. I’ll just say to you what people keep saying to me… there will be something else for you. We may not believe that at the moment, but hopefully our friends and families will be proved right soon!

  3. Sorry to hear that dude. Feels like a big kick in the nuts when your employer gives you the heave ho when youve been a loyal employee.

    But every cloud has a silver lining and trying to view it as an opportunity to strke out for pastured new will help 🙂

    Good luck and remember you need to be on the pitch to score a goal so the sooner you start the ball rolling on looking for options the better 🙂

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