The One with all the Santas

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Questions for all you parents out there!
If Santa is so busy at Christmas, how can he have enough time to be at playgroup on Tuesday and in town on Saturday?
If Santa really can afford to just sit around for days talking to little children, why was he thin on Tuesday and his beard was small, but on Saturday, he was fat and had a big bushy beard?
If Santa doesn’t need to be supervising the making if the toys, who is?
Doesn’t that make Santa a glorified delivery guy?
Shouldn’t the makers of the toys get some of the credit?
If all the toys are made by Santa/Elves/Sweatshop Kids at Christmas, who makes them the rest of the year?

I’m just asking!

Hopefully, when BB and LB get older, I’ll have all the answers.
But for now when they meet Santa, they don’t ask these questions, they just look at him weird and don’t smile.

Tuesday – Worst. Santa. Ever.

Santa2 Santa3

Saturday – To be fair, I think this is the best Santa I have seen. He looked and sounded the part. Not bad for a little town marketplace!










Will my kids ever like Santa?

As always, thanks for reading.

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