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I wrote this a couple of nights ago, but didn’t post for some reason….but to be fair, this could be any night.

I’ve always been the kinda guy that wants everything now. I don’t want to wait.
If I try to learn a new skill I understand it won’t happen instantly but it shouldn’t take as long as it does!

As a parent, that’s something I am having to deal with and it’s getting increasingly more difficult!
I warn you, this may turn into a pointless rant!

Talking – As I’m sure your aware if you follow this blog, BB doesn’t talk. At his age (2 years and 3 months) he should e able to talk a lot more than he does. We’ve even been to a speech therapist!
Getting him to sleep – 95% of the time, getting BB to go to sleep works well. Normally I take him to bed, wash his hands and face, brush his teeth, read him a couple of stories and leave him to fall asleep. We have done it this way since he was a baby. The 5% however is what frustrates me. Right now, I’m sat outside his room,. He went to bed 2 hours ago and he’s come out of his room 8 times. I must say this is a bad night. Normally he may come out once sometimes never, but tonight 8 TIMES!!
He’s tired, it’s obvious. When I lay him back down he’s practically half asleep but then why is he getting out of bed? I’m assured he didn’t have a big nap. Nothing that should cause THIS! Without a nap, the kid is unbearable so we can’t drop this yet! I’m frustrated because I know that after he eventually does go to sleep, I can go to sleep but for how long?
Waking at night – BB slept right through until he was 2-year-old. We never heard from him. That all changed when at 2 years old we moved him from a cot, to a cotbed. We did this not because we hate ourselves (Which onlookers may presume), we did it because he could get out of his cot and we figured better to be safe than sorry.
We regretted it a week later.
Since that fateful day back in July, BB has slept through about 2 times.
Every other night and I mean EVERY night he gets out if bed and comes out of his room.
We’ve tried everything. Talking to him nicely, not talking to him at all, telling him off, picking him up and putting him back in bed, letting himself get back into bed….EVERYTHING! We have a Gro Clock which is to help teach him when it’s time to get up and although he understands it, he chooses to ignore it.
Nothing works and often I lay there at night ,as thanks to him I can’t get back to sleep and wonder to myself what more can we do? Will it ever get better?
Because he can’t talk, he can’t portray to us just WHY he feels the need to come wandering into our room at various intervals during the night.
Touching stuff he shouldn’t – Ever since he was a baby we have thought him not to go near the TV and not to go near the fireplace. For a long time this didn’t seem to be a problem but recently he seems to ignore everything we say. He sits on the fireplace, he touches the TV, he goes into the fridge, he runs away when you tell him to come to you. Aaarrrggghhhh!!!
I recently learned that his granddad has been teaching him to turn the TV on and off by touching the button…THANKS.

I really could rant more but I think he is finally snoring. Although I can barely hear him over the wife’s snoring! Oh joy!

So I’m off to bed and if I remember I will update this post with the times he gets me up, because I’m sure your all dying to read it! 🙂

As always, thanks for reading.

Update: I wrote this post at 22:00. He woke at 00:30, 14:05 and again at 06:30. 🙁


  1. Its good to know we are not the only ones. Our 4 yr suffers from nifht tremors and screams at least 3 times a night. Sleep deprivation is outlawed as a form of torture ubder the Geneva convention!!

  2. Oh wow, that was a bad night. If it makes you feel any better, i know a couple that had similar trouble with their son. For years he would get out of bed every 20 minutes or so throughout the night. I seem to recall they even consulted Gina Ford in person.

    Anyway, I feel your frustration. I hope it gets easier for you, as I’m sure it will.

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