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I’ve never really been into Christmas.
It’s a kids thing right? And up until a few years ago, we didn’t have any kids.
I come from a single parent home where even at Christmas my mum had to work a lot so it was just like any other time if the year.
There’s worse reasons to not be a fan of Christmas, but I won’t depress you with the details.

There have been occasions where me and the wife didn’t even bother decorating the house with a tree but now it’s all changed.

We have 2 trees, albeit one is a table decoration. We have tinsel, lights, stickers and even bunting!

I tried to stop her, but The Mrs didn’t take long before decorating the house with Christmas joy.
I’m sure she’s doing it all for the kids and doesn’t enjoy doing it at all!

Anywhoo, she’s made our little life and our lovely home look pretty festive and seen as I can’t grasp Pinterest, I thought I’d show it off the house and a couple more christmassy things here!

My attempt at a panoramic picture of our living room.


Even my blog has had a Merry Makeover! Hope you like it!

So as you can see, whether I like it or not and as the song says…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


As always, thanks for reading.



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  1. Wowsers grommit looks like youve gone to a lot of effort which is great to see.

    I grew up in a disrupted household so xmas was never a fun time for me. But havung kids it takes on a whole new dimension.

    I have had to work really hard at telling myself that the change starts with me and that xmas shoukd be fun for the kids. We are hosting for ths first time this year and have drawn up a starter list of traditions we are going to try to follow each year which you can read about here.

    Have a great xmas and hope santa brings you everything you want 🙂

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