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When I was contacted by the guys over at Braun asking me if I wanted to take part in their #Braunchallenge, I had to smile. My reply was simple.
Thanks for getting in touch, but I have a beard and only shave my neck..
Their reply surprised me. They STILL wanted me to give it a go…
My first memory of electric shavers is not a good one. I remember catching skin, sore faces and generally, not a nice experience, so I will be honest, the Braun that I was sent for review, started off at a disadvantage.
I have always been a wet shave guy. Every few days (probably longer if I am being lazy), I lather up the parts of my face not adorned by my beloved beard and scrape away with a razor for a finish as smooth as a babies bum!
So the challenge is this….

First, don’t shave…..well that’s easy.
Secondly, wait 3 days for a nice batch of stubble to grow.
Thirdly, remove the wretched stubble with the new Braun!

I know what you’re thinking.. Show me some pictures! Well, I’m pretty camera-shy and this is my blog, so I am afraid you’ll have to go without, but I will tell you my honest opinion. (As always).

I really liked it!
It’s not as clean and smooth as a wet shave, but I liked it! I did ask BB and LB their opinion, but BB just mumbled something and LB blew me a raspberry and fell over….I’m taking that as a positive thing.

There was no soreness, the only catching I got was from the beard which is understandable as the hairs are considerably more suited to a trimmer than a shaver and all in all it has changed my opinion on dry shaving.

Would I adopt this method permanently? Probably not, but that’s only because I’m a bearded man (did I mention my beard?), but if I was ‘bare of face’, then I definitely would. Its quicker than a wet shave. It’s less hassle than a wet shave. And the results although my not be as smooth as a wet shave, are smooth and tidy enough for any man.

So if your on the lookout for a new dry shaver, I would definitely give The Braun Series 3 shaver a look!

The Braun Series 3 is also – 100% washable and waterproof, features a Precision long hair trimmer for precise styling, and can be fully charged in one hour. To find out more about Braun Series 3 shavers please visit Braun



As always, thanks for reading.

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