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This is an old post, that I have just seen in my drafts folder! This happens way too often! I thought I would still post it, maybe there is still somebody out there that didnt know about the recall and are still using this seat.

The saying goes you get what you pay for. That’s true, but sometimes you also get what you can afford.
That’s why when we needed a new car seat for BB we bought ours from Asda. Not only was it a cheap price but we’ve never had a problem from anything we have bought from Asda.

So we were very surprised to see this recent review from the guys at Which?

Which? is recommending that parents replace their Nania Trio Plus Group 0/1/2 child car seat after it achieved the lowest possible score in our car seat test.

That’s pretty scary. We are trusting the safety of our child to a car seat that scored 0%?

Needless to say, this weekend we want to Mothercare and purchase a new seat. One with a bit of a better record!

We chose this bad boy…

The Graco Nautilus.

It’s big (Just like the big boy using it), it should last a while (If the straps go long enough) and it was a bargain at £99.


Benjamin loves it already and he even has a place to put his juice.

Hopefully the safety aspect of this seat will never be needed, but if it is, we’re confident it will stand up better than its predecessor.

Do you have a nania car seat?
Do you use Which? as a guide?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

As always, thanks do reading.

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