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When we took BB to his 2 year old check up back in July, we got the all clear on everything….everything but speech.
The nurse suggested we were placed onto a waiting list to be seen by a speech therapist. This past week, we finally had our appointment.

therapyWe had hoped that by the time the appointment came around, he would have been much more chatty, but alas he is not. Unfortunately much like his ability to talk, the appointment left me a little disappointed.

The therapist sat with BB and played around with some toys. She showed him some pictures and asked him to pick out this or that. She asked me a bunch of questions regarding my opinion on his chatting and that was it!

In her opinion, he is behind in pretty much all areas.

He should be able to say around 20-25 words. We believe he can say around 10-15
He should be able to string two words together. He only says one word at a time.
He should ‘role play’ more without us promoting him to. He only does this when we do it with him.

So what remedy did she suggest to help him on his way to the wonderful world of words?
Weekly sessions? Bi-weekly? Nope!
She gave me some pamphlets, some words to tick off as and when he says them and said she would set an appointment up for a few months time to see his progress.

I’m a little confused as I don’t really see that as therapy. She basically, told us what we already knew and told us to come back in a month or two.

Did I expect too much? Should they be doing more?
The only thing I took from this was that if it was something to worry about surely THEN they would do more?

That and I’m continually told I’ll regret when he can talk as he’ll never shut up, so maybe we should just enjoy the so-called peace and quiet.

Tell me, there’s nothing to worry about? Tell me it will all be OK? Tell me you’ve been here and it does improve?

As always, thanks for reading.

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