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I think I’ve blogged about nurseries before. If I have, feel free to read no further, but for those still reading…..Hi *waves*

The obligatory first day at nursery shot..Inc Little Brother!

We’ve wanted to send BB to nursery for some time. We feel it would really help with his lack of speech (A whole other blog post) and it would help with his social skills, which in turn may help they way he acts around LB. Unfortunately until recently it was simply out if our financial reach.

A year ago, The Mrs was made redundant. As you can imagine money has been tight so Nursery has been even further out of reach.

Well a lot can happen in a year, including the wife getting a little job and we’ve decided to send BB to nursery. Only once a week and only for a few hours.

Yesterday was his first day. Grandma took him, as mummy and daddy were working, but he couldn’t have cared less. He was too excite about playing than to worry about being left alone for the first time.

As you can imagine with lack of speech, we didn’t get much of a response when we asked him what he had done all day. (Cue motions of ‘wind the bobbin up’, ‘incy whincy spider’ and ‘head shoulders knees and toes’) but there was a resounding YES when asked if he wanted to go back next week.
Hopefully, it will help him build some skills and he’ll be chatting away in no time.

Do you send your toddler to nursery?
Did it help their skills?
Am I really gonna regret him learning to talk? Lol

As always, thanks for reading

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