The one with all the bangs.

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Ooh pretty!

BB was only 16 months this time last year. We felt it was a little early for him to first experience the lights, the sparkles that come with the festive season named Bonfire Night.

The thought of millions of people in this day and age celebrating somebody who easily could be seen as a terrorist brings a wry smile to my face. Just another sign the world is crazy! Lol

Bonfire night on a Tuesday night just doesn’t work when you have small kids. We have a routine to stick to and deviating from that too much during a weekend is risky. During the week is simply madness. MADNESS I TELL YOU!!

Well last Saturday (3 days pre bonfire night) the family venture up to our local rugby and cricket club where they were holding their annual fireworks display.

BB wast too sure about the giant fire, but he loved all the fireworks.

Ooh scary!

Every year as a child I can remember trudging through a local park, normally muddy because of the November weather and enjoying a massive fireworks display.
I’ve never quite understood why people pay such a large amount if money to put in displays in their back garden. I’d much prefer to go to a show and let somebody else make the effort! 🙂

Ooh Shiney

Hopefully, like myself as a child, BB will be able to look back and have fond memories of bonfires, fireworks, sparklers and Pie and peas.

When I made the suggestion of having pie, mushy peas and mint sauce as Bonfire night fodder, the other guys on the LoveAllDads podcast thought I was going crazy.
Is this just a northern thing?
Is it something I’ve made up? Lol
What’s your favourite Bonfire Night food?
Let me know in the comments below!

Maybe next year, we will introduce BB to sparklers.






You’ll probably be reading This post after bonfire night, but no matter when you do celebrate with a rocket or two, stay safe!

Even LB enjoyed the show



As always, thanks for reading and happy bonfire night!


  1. We haven’t yet attempted a bonfire night out for much the same reason as you. But some of our friends did this year and it seems the toddlers mainly fell asleep or asked to go home because they were cold 🙂

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