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For those that don’t pay attention or just haven’t followed my blog since the beginning, BB was born 5 weeks early.
5 weeks doesn’t seem all that bad does it? I mean, ask any parent during the 6 week summer holidays and they will tell you it flies by in a second!

In terms of a pregnancy though, 5 weeks can make a difference. The difference between a perfectly healthy baby and a baby that has to spend nearly a week in NICU.

That’s what happened to us. BB’s delivery was fine. He was given a clean bill of health but then about 4 hours after he joined us, he began having difficulty breathing. This was due to underdevelopment of his lungs. The Mrs was given an injection which is meant to help in the cases of early deliveries, but BB was obviously on a rush and she didn’t get chance to have a second!WPD2

I had only just arrived home from one of the most amazing moments of my life. I had just become a father. Something I had dreamed of for years and thought may never happen. Then The Mrs let me know that BB had been looked over and the decision was made that he needed a little assistance breathing. Added to that the thought that the Mrs had to deal with this alone as I wasn’t allowed to stay any later meant for a shitty night sleep for all.

We were lucky. BB simply stayed In an incubator full of some high quality oxygen for around 2 days and was all good.

Some aren’t that lucky. I’ve had friends that had a baby at 23 weeks. Without the care and attention to that’s given by the wonderful nurses in all the NICU units in the country and charities like Bliss, these babies wouldn’t get the help that need to fight their way to a healthy life.

Today is World Prematurity day and Bliss, who are a charity that do amazing things for babies like BB, are celebrating #worldprematurityday by asking us all to give a hug.

“We’re asking everyone, all over the UK to give a hug and share with us. Many parents of premature babies can’t hug their baby for days or even weeks so by giving a hug you’ll be helping us to raise awareness of issues faced by premature babies and their families. Take photos of you, your friends, family and little ones giving a hug and share with us on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest, or email your photos to and we’ll post them on our special WPD Flickr page.”WPD1

We were lucky. We know that 5 days for a relatively healthy baby is nothing compared to some of the fights other little babies have.

One of the hardest things was that we couldn’t hold our baby. For 5 days we could only touch his hands with ours and we couldn’t give BB the love and hugs we craved.

So please, if you can’t donate to Bliss, you can still help without it costing you a penny. Simply tweet, post a message on Facebook, stick a picture on Pintrest, send smoke signals, send a carrier pigeon, beam a light into the sky (Batman should know too), transmit a message to outer space, do something that can help spread the word about World Prematurity Day and the wonderful work that Bliss does. To find out more about Bliss and the great work they do, check out


Also want to give a shout out to the beautiful Kyle (Check her out here) that has not only been great to me and is helping me get to Britmums next year, but she has also raised a great deal of money for Bliss and as the international colour for World Prematurity Day is purple has died her hair a lovely shade to help raise awareness.

As always thanks for reading….now come here and give us a hug!




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