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I don’t get a great deal of offers for reviews and many that I do receive, I turn down for various reasons.
This is a blog about my life. It isn’t a tool I use just to get free stuff. So when and if a product comes along for a review and it will add to my life, then I will consider it.

An email regarding such a product recently found its way into my inbox. It was a product called ‘The Rockabilly Kids’.
Not only did the item look fun, was aimed at kids, it also had a unique twist….You can’t buy them…YET!

Hamish is a 22-year-old who has a dream. A dream of his own dental company, one which helps keep the smiles of our future gleaming. (That isn’t an official line, but feel welcome to use it Hamish! lol).
Hamish had a great idea and now he needs help to realise it. He started a crowd sourcing project to try to get his product off the ground and when I read what he had to say, I was happy to offer my little corner of the internet to try to help him.

Rather than me bore with the details, here’s some info from Hamish himself!

The Rockabilly Kids are a toothbrush designed for 3-7 yr olds. Currently there is  nothing else on the market quite like this design.  There are 4 unique selling points:
1. Hygiene
The toothbrushes innovative weight distribution means that, try as you will, this toothbrush can’t fall over. This makes a toothbrush holder obsolete. What are the benefits of this? Research conducted by Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D., of the University of Arizona. for the NSF (National Science Foundation) found that the average toothbrush holder is crawling with more than 2 million cells of bacteria. He stated that in general, people did not clean their toothbrush holder regularly enough; at least once or twice a week in order to avoid germ and bacteria build up. http://www.nsf.org/newsroom/kitchen-is-germiest-place-in-home-according-torecent-study-by-nsf
2. A fun concept encourages children to brush their teeth, making life easier for parents.
Stand up and Smile Ltd. have developed a unique product in the world of children’s dentistry. Knowing that brushing ones teeth at that age is considered a chore, ( for both the parents and the kids) we worked on developing a concept which would try to turn the conventional toothbrush, into a toy. Much like the ‘Weebles’, we have created a product which offers hours of entertainment.
3. Convenience and price The Rockabilly kids have replaceable heads.
With each pack, 3 extra heads have been included. Dentists advocate that kids should change their toothbrush every 3 months. Therefore, a one-off purchase of the Rockabilly Kids enables a whole years worth of brushing. Parents no longer need to remind themselves to replace their child’s toothbrush. At £6.99 for a whole years brushing, this is also helping parents cut costs. A good quality children’s toothbrush can cost from between £2.00 – £3.00. An average annual cost of between £8 and £12 ( if you take your dentists advice seriously). So parents are getting a unique, ‘fun’ toothbrush’, for less than a traditional brush.
4. – High quality Brush
Just because we have made brushing fun, does not mean that we have not taken great care in designing a quality head. Designed on the advice of multiple dentists and hygienists, we concentrated on creating a soft toothbrush head. Too many
children and adults alike use hard bristles in the aim of scrubbing those teeth pearly white. This is very bad for ones gums. All dentists advocate that children should use soft bristles. Therefore, a soft multiple length brush head is what we have created. One that is Approved by dentists!

So there you have it. It’s a great idea and I love the crowd sourcing aspect.
Hamish was kind enough to send us our very own Rockabilly Kid and BB loves it. Although I will be honest, he did get a little frustrated that he couldn’t knock it over!

A little bit puzzled!
It really does stand up anywhere!
Keeping up that beautiful smile.

If you want to help Hamish realise his dream and get his product on the shelves go and take a look at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-rockabilly-kids-next-generation-toothbrushes-by-hamish-khayat and depending on how much you contribute, you could have a lifetime supply or even have your own design made!! (Could somebody lend me £10k?)

Otherwise, maybe spread the word? Follow on twitter?, Facebook? I am sure if you buy one, your kids will love it too.

As always thanks for reading.

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