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Hi there loyal readers! Reader? Readers? I hope your well!

I’m not one to enter competitions. I know some people who just enter competitions for the sake of winning, I only enter those competitions where I love the prize. So when I saw the Activity Toys Direct competition on Tots100, both The Mrs and I figured we would give it a go!

The deal is this, we get a theoretical £750 to spend, £750!!! Ya know how many Xbox games I could buy with that! NONE, that’s right, because I’m an amazing father and husband and my families happiness comes before me killing aliens and zombies…of course.

So for only the second time, I hand my blog over to the better half. So in her words, here what she (Which means we) would do with a theoretical £750.

If I had £750 to spend on my dream garden – what would I spend it on? Well, that is easy.
A pile of sand with a hammock in the middle, a palm tree or two, the sounds of the ocean (on a CD probably) and a waiter bringing me cocktails whilst I chill and read a book – but that’s going cost more than £750 and where would the kids sit (ha ha ha kids…..sit….now I know I’m dreaming!). *Note from editor* – You notice her delightful husband wasn’t included in this scenario? Hmmmm
I have two boys – two very active boys………who love to be outside…… matter the weather We have recently leveled out our garden to make it more child friendly, it’s a nice flat square space with my pride and joy in the corner (a fab wooden table and chair set my hubby bought for me before the kids came along) *note from editor* – That’s all she wanted that year! but it is still lacking something…!

I would spend every penny on making the garden a fun-filled space for my boys. Somewhere they can enjoy without us having to go far, or even bother with socks and shoes (and if I can be that close to the kettle to keep topping up my brew, even better!). If the boys are playing and happy then I am and there is nothing better that watching the boys play and laugh.


So, what shall I put in the garden to entertain them.
I think the Plum Products Premium Octagonal Activity Bench (£199.99) would be my first purchase. A nice child size table for our garden picnics…..we like to have lunch in the garden – even if it means putting coats on.
It also turns in to a water and sand activity play time. The boys love to dig in sand and play in water – what kid doesn’t. And I love multi functional products.



My 2nd item was going to be a playhouse, but we actually have one – just a small, cheap but practical playhouse and my kids love it – so why fix something that isn’t broken! Instead my 2nd item is going to be the Step2 Dockside Sandbox and Climber (£179.99). The boys love to climb. Now whilst my youngest is only 9 months, he’s already mastered climbing the stairs and on to the car garage to get a better reach for the TV….so I think he would love to climb in and out of the little boat area whilst his older brother is up and down the slide.
I wouldn’t anticipate the sandbox actually being used for sand as much climbing in and out would need to be done along with some driving as well, but I think a few balls from the ball pool would fit perfectly and do just the job of keeping them both interested.


So keeping in the climbing theme ( which both my boys love to do as much as possible) my 3rd item will be the Plum Products My First Play Center Wooden Climbing Frame (£259.99). I think the slide is just small enough for the youngest to be able to use pretty soon and toddler will love the “climbing wall” section. There is, however a great underneath bit the baby can crawl in and out off until he’s ready to use the slide and I’m sure the toddler will enjoy hiding in there too.



Now I have fulfilled the climbing needs of the boys, but there is one other thing I think they would like – a swing. I would pick the TP Early Fun Single Swing (£39.95). I love the fact it starts off suitable for a baby and grows with the child. Something that can be around for years and guaranteed never to be board of. So that pretty much fills the garden (It’s actually not a very big garden!) but there is about £70 left over and I think I have seen the perfect item…..



2 x Step2 Little Helpers Wagon (£27.99). When you have 2 boys so close in age some things you just need to get two of and I can see this being a favourite in our garden. Pulling teddies, tools and toys around and possibly even toddler trying to put baby in it too (I’m pretty sure he would try if he could lift him – he has tried lifting him plenty!). I think I have filled my garden with everything a 26 month and 9 month old could ever dream off…….a dream garden for the boys, that’s for sure.



There you have it folks! If we had £750 to spend on our dream garden.

Lets hope we win this competition and we can buy some of these toys and maybe if we save some money with this, I could buy something for daddy that involves saving the planet from an alien race!

As always, thanks for reading.


Disclaimer: This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition

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