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I’ve often been told that I have a face for radio. The problem is, my voice is probably more suited to silent movies.
It’s highly unlikely ill ever make it onto radio or into ANY sort of movie, turns out podcasting is where I’d find a home.

I’ve often wanted to be on a podcast. I’ve listened to them for a long time.


I am a massive fan of the movie director turned Podcaster Kevin Smith.
About 2 years ago he started his own set of podcasts on his own little channel. his first podcast was called SModcast and it’s basically him and a friend chatting and goofing around. It’s recently even inspired Mr Smith to write a film based on a story they discussed on an episode of SModcast. ‘TUSK’ coming to a screen near you.
If you’re a fan of his work or just a fan of dick and fart jokes, then check out his work. He has a way if telling stories and is as funny as hell!

So anyway, I digressed. When I bounced around the idea of doing a podcast and a few other guys jumped at the chance, I couldn’t say no.

So here I am. A 31-year-old father of 2 and now a Podcaster.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you (Sponsored by the guys over at dadzclub) the LoveAllDads podcast!


Now, we are only on episode 3 so far but if I’m honest episode 3 has been my fave so far. It started out about dads in the media, which included a rant from Tom over at diaryofthedad, the opinions of both Darren over at, John at and it slowly turned into me blabbering on about my own dad! Lol
I probably talked too much and bored everyone to tears but it felt a little therapeutic!

So, if you’re a mum, dad, woman, man or even a dog who has somehow managed to work the interwebs and stumbled across my blog looking for cat porn, then have a listen anyway.
It’s all PG no swearing or gory details (I have to make a real effort not to swear!).

Either download it over at LoveAllDads or of course we are on ITunes. Either way, if you enjoy it or not, we would appreciate a review and a high rating.

Episode 4 will be about sleep so I’m sure you’ll all have an opinion! Any questions, hints or tips about sleeping tweet @LoveAllDads or email us at

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for listening.

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