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Wow, it’s been a while! You might not have missed me, but I missed you!
Hi, how are we all?
What have I been up to?
Me? Well ya know the usual. Busy at home, busy at work…..but I did make time to go to a dads group!

That’s right folks! None if this mums and tots shizzle. This was straight up dad time!dadsgroup1
Last week, included in our usual postal collections of takeaway menus, offers of credit cards and charity bags, there was at least one useful piece of correspondence! An invitation to a dads group.
Once a month (In term time), the local school was operating a dads group. So last Saturday me and BB took the leap and went to our first ever dads group.

While walking up, I saw a neighbour and it turns out he was a regular last year which made me feel a little at ease. Although I’ve never really spoken to the neighbour, other than a hello, it’s was enough just seeing a  familiar face.

The group was great and there was about 8 or 9 dads there in total all with kids between 6 months and 5 years old.
BB enjoyed cutting, sticking, playing with some building bricks and making ‘toast’.
After an hour of play we adadgroup2ll sat down to a spot of lunch which included malt loaf, banana, grapes and some cheese.

After yet MORE play, we sat down for story and song time.
What is cool about that is only recently, BB has begun to sit with the other children and sing along.
Previously, when The Mrs has taken him to group, he’s always sat on her knee and done the actions to wheels on the bus, wind the bobbin’ up or whatever the song of choice was but now he sits with the other boys and girls.

It was great seeing other dads and actually talking to other dads who live on the street.
There is another group planned in October and there’s also an event I plan to attend with another dad group where me and BB can go walking through the forests, so that should be fun.

Have you ever been to a dads group?
If there was a local dads group would you attend?

As always, thanks for reading.


And of course don’t forget to download the latest episode of the Love All dads podcast HERE


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