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We all knew it would happen eventually. Technically, this is the second time she’s done it but…. The Mrs is going back to work….TODAY!

After BB was born, the plan was always to return to work. BB would go to his grandparents for the days The Mrs went to work and then on weekends I would have him.

That lasted about 6 months.

After returning to work on the May she was already pregnant with LB. luckily, the company she worked for had a ‘Come back to work for 3 months and you can have another entitlement to maternity pay’ thing going.

When LB arrived we didn’t really talk about her going back to work, that’s because by the end of her second stint on maternity, the company she worked for, decided that they would be closing the office in which she worked and she would be losing her job. Exactly what you want to hear months before having your second child!

imagesWorkSo the time has come. The Mrs is going stir crazy and we could do with some extra pennies.

She went through the system the right way, earned job seekers (From previous contributions) and looked online for jobs.
It’s difficult looking for flexible part-time¬†work, that you can tailor to your kids needs and the shifts your childminder (Grandma) also works.

Well, she managed it! After only a few weeks, she applied for an admin role in the city centre and BOOM, the job was hers.
It’s working on a reception, the hours are insanely flexible and it fits perfectly around everything. So it shows that if you do things right, the right things can happen.

It still amazes me how people can afford child care now a days. I don’t earn a fortune but we don’t qualify for anything and we couldn’t afford child care if the wife WANTED to work. Luckily Grandma has come to the rescue….. Which I’m sure she’ll regret after a couple of days! Lol

I’m sure it won’t run smoothly, I’m sure Grandma will go crazy after a few days and I’m sure we’ll deal with whatever life brings, but this is our routine now and hopefully it can take some of the financial worry off our shoulders.

Did you go back to work after a second child?

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