The one with the kid in the car.

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Now, I am not an avid DIY’r. In fact between the two of us The Mrs is much more au fait with a paintbrush or drill, bit from time to time, I dabble with something.
Only this weekend, I managed to break our shower which means until I find the part I need, we are using our bath and a jug. I don’t like baths. I am not built to use a bath. Picture Shamu having a paddle in a bucket and your pretty much there.

Due to my ineptness at ‘Doing it myself’ I don’t spend a lot of time at any sort of DIY store, sShamuo this may be completely normal to see there, but I doubt it. What I saw, when returning to my car was something I think you should never see anywhere, let alone at a large initialised DIY warehouse.

I saw a child. A child left alone in a car asleep.

I reckon the child was no older than 5 and was fast asleep. Oblivious to the situation.
What did I do? I just sat there. Not because I didn’t care and didn’t want to do nothing. I sat there because I dint want to do what his excuse of a father had already done and leave the kid on his own. He kid didn’t even know I was there, after all he was sleeping soundly, but I couldn’t just drive off leaving the poor kid on his own.

People on Twitter begged me to call the police, but in all honesty, I don’t think they would have done a great deal. By the time they would have turned up, father of the year would have come back, loaded his wood into the back of the car and gone home oblivious to my actions. The police would have probably told me without catching him in the act, there was nothing they could have done. Probably. I don’t know, because I didn’t call them.

Instead I sat there.
Waiting for somebody to come running back to the car in a rush. Someone realising what a stupid idea it was to leave their kid alone like that.
I sat there.
For 15 minutes.
I sat there.
Instead, the person that returned was a guy about 25. Dressed in a hoody and jeans (A DIY uniform for some I’m sure) and proceeded to start loading his car up, taking care, not to wake his sleeping child.

As I reversed out oIDIOTPARENTf my space, knowing the kid was no longer at risk from anybody put his imbecile of a parent, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Excuse me, is this your son?
Imbecile: Yeah
Me: Have you really just gone into (insert initialised DIY store here) shopping and left your kid alone in the car?
Imbecile: Well it’s better than waking him!
Me: Is it? Really? Don’t you think that’s a bit stupid, to leave your kid locked in your car while you go shopping?
Imbecile: Well, thanks for your advice
Me: *Look of amazement on how stupid some people can be*

Now I didn’t want a confrontation, I’m not that kinda guy. I just wanted him to realise what a stupid thing he had done. Unfortunately, I think I failed.

What would you have done? Called the police? Put the guy in a headlock and ruffled his hair until he conceded that he was a moron?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I would have take note of his reg, taken a couple of photos or vids on my phone for proof and called the Police. People who do that to their kid may also do other things to endanger them.

    I certainly wouldn’t have got into a fight though, that solves nothing and may make the other party take out their shame on the child.

  2. at least you said something to him, hopefully he’ll think twice next time

    on a lighter note, I like how quickly we left the subject of you in the bath!

  3. lol! I’m now picturing my husband sitting in the kitchen sink trying to have a bath…worryingly, it’s not that difficult…

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