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So, recently I branched out and did a couple of guest posts for other blogs. Dont know what I am talking about? Check out THIS post

So it’s only fitting, that I help a fellow blogger out when I can.
The lovely Corrine who normally lives over at Motherhood Journeys recently expressed her frustration that her blog is playing silly buggers and being temperamental. She found she had all these blog posts in her head, screaming to be placed onto the interwebs or your enjoyment.
So, being the helpful fellow I am, I offered her my corner of the web to place her musings. So for your viewing pleasure…!

35 Weeks Pregnant

Dad Who Blogs very kindly agreed to let me share my 35 week pregnancy post on his blog as mine is messing me around (I keep thinking it’s fixed and then it stops working again). Anyway, I am missing blogging so I am guest blogging where I can, usually I can be found at and as @MotherScuffer on Twitter.

35weekspregnant22082013I am now 35 weeks pregnant and blimey time is slowing right down. It feels like an eternity since that positive pregnancy result at 4 weeks. Then there was the long wait to the 12 week scan and our utter relief to discover that our baby had no major issues that could be seen (our last baby had Edwards Syndrome). We went to the 20 week scan feeling relaxed and confident that everything was fine. Shortly afterwards I was sent for an MRI scan where we discovered that our baby had Agenesis of the Corpus Collosum (a brain condition).

Since then it’s been a combination of worry, tests and consultant appointments. Basically it’s been a long pregnancy and at this point I want to hold my baby boy in my arms and know that he’s safe and that he’s as well as he can possibly be.

And still I’m 2 weeks off being full term, 5 weeks off my due date, 6 weeks and 3 days off when all my other boys arrived. 6 weeks and 3 days more of this? Of insomnia, back ache, exhaustion, heartburn, shortness of breath, boredom? The thought drives me mad, but, BUT I know it’ll be worth it and I know that I’ll soon forget how hard it’s been.

There’s not much to report about being 35 weeks pregnant, it’s a rare week with no antenatal or consultant appointments. Aside from all the symptoms above I’m actually not feeling so bad, I’ve learnt to pace myself and keep a little bit busy (but not too busy) so the days don’t drag and yet I don’t completely wear myself out. I’m getting lots of Braxton Hicks, often they are strong and they come regularly, tricking me into thinking that maybe this baby will arrive a little earlier than my others.

Who knows? Except the baby of course.

So, there you have it. In the past couple of months, I have moved blogs, had my blog posts published on other sites and now I am hosting guest blogs on this blog…how times have changed!

Thanks for the post. It’s fitting that the pot she decide to use was at the 35 week stage. If y0ou remember, it was at the 35 week stage that we welcomed BB into the world!

As always and on behalf of Corrine, thanks for reading

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