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I always said that I didn’t just want to do reviews for the sake of doing reviews. I don’t just do reviews for free stuff. I only do reviews for stuff that I think the readers of this blog would actually enjoy and get some benefit out of.
That’s why I do reviews for stuff that we have spent our hard-earned cash to buy. Not just because I wanted a freebie.

That brings me to the Urbo from Mamas & Papas.

When we were expecting our first we bought a travel system that included a pushchair, a car seat (That could be used with the pushchair) and when that broke thanks to some over zealous baggage handlers, me and the Mrs had to go through the arduous task if finding a replacement.

We chose the Urbo.

I really can’t speak highly enough of this pushchair. It does everything that we can think of to test it.

We originally looked at this particular model because it had one continuous handle. We thought this would make it easier if just one of us had both children. A single handlebar allows the pram to be steered with just one hand, while we hold BB’s hand with the other. (He loves to walk).
Trust me when I say, the handlebar, along with it being pretty lightweight, makes controlling it really easy. I even put it through its paces in a clothes shop, maneuvering between the clothes railed one-handed. It passed with flying colours.

The thing we loved about our travel system was the ability to turn the seat round, so you could either have your little one facing away from you or toward you. The Urbo, allows this too. With a simple squeeze and twist, the seat can be turned anyway you want.
The handle is also extendable, so when I’m pushing it, it doesn’t feel like I’m hunched forward because the handle can be adjusted to suit a person of my height.

The wheels swivel easily and can be fixed into position if that’s what you want.
It folds down to a pretty small size, which was important for us as we don’t have the biggest of boots. Collapsed down, it still leaves us enough room for BB’s little buggy.

If I really wanted to find faults with this, I could. The cream colour we chose (Ours is technically ‘Sandcastle, but it is available in various colours) got dirty far to easy. The brake pedals feel a little flimsy and trying to lift it with your foot, it sometimes feels it could snap, although that could just be me pushing it too hard.

All in all, a great pushchair and not once have we regretted buying it.

What The Mrs said: I love this pram. I can steer with one hand & it feels nice to push too. I love the fact I can still have LB facing me & the only thing I don’t like is the basket underneath is a bit on the small side. Once I get the change bag in there’s no room for my shopping!!

So there you have it folks, the Urbo gets the big thumbs up from The Mrs and because the small basket means less room for shopping, it stops her buying loads of rubbish so it’s a thumbs up from me to!

I would love to give this 5 out of 5, but with the very few niggles we have, it’s gotta be a 4.



Here comes the science bit…stolen from the Mammas and Papas website:










Luckily, we didn’t pay this price. Local to us is the Mammas & Papas factory outlet, so we got this at an amazing price, but to be fair, if money is not a problem, then this is a pram we would The Urbo┬áhas everything you could want in a pushchair.

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