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I am a member of many groups on Facebook. Most of which are full of rubbish and although I constantly tut at the rubbish updates, I fail to ‘unlike’ the rubbish….did I mention the rubbish?

There is an unofficial Facebook group for Slimming World, which The Mrs and I have been following. On occasion I see some amazing recipes that provide us with a scrumptious meal, but 90% of the time it’s full of before and after picks or conversations about ‘tweaking’, people asking what syns are in certain foods or even if there are any Syns in Semen. FYI, for those partial to a gulp, it seems to be Syn free!

Another group I am a member of is called ‘Dad Bloggers’ (You can find the badge on my side bar). A gentleman there ask a question the other day that got me thinking. He asked, what did I used to enjoy doing before becoming a dad.

The answer is simple, for both me and The Mrs, it was going to the cinema. We both had Annual passes for our local Cineworld which allowed us to see as many movies as we could ever dream of. In 12 months of having the card I had seen no less than 64 movies. It was a good day when we could go nofunsee a film, grab a spot of lunch, then go see another of Hollywood’s latest blockbusters.

Obviously now with kids, it’s not very often we get to watch a movie on the big screen. Now a days we are relegated to watching movies at home on TV.

So now we find other things we enjoy to do, that doesn’t involve leaving the house and re-mortgaging our house to buy a popcorn and diet coke combo. Well tonight as I sit here typing this, The Mrs is sat doing something she has always enjoyed. Creating beautiful memories through scrap-booking and I am sat here blogging, so we still do things we enjoy, there just a bit more PG than Rated 18.

What activities did you used to do before becoming a parent? (I’m not trying to depress you, honest!)
What activities have you started doing since having kids that you didn’t do before?

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  1. I’d be painting too rosy-a-picture to say I don’t miss anything, but I just accept life has changed exponentially since becoming a dad (…especially since our second arrived!).

    Glastonbury has been and gone and this year I didn’t even get to see any of it on TV because we were visiting family. Medium and long-haul destinations are a distant memory and I can no longer blow silly money on clothes.

    I think I’d summarise by admitting that I miss the independence, I’m also less selfish so it isn’t all bad.

  2. The one thing I miss is reading a broadsheet on a Saturday from cover to cover while drinking coffee. Since Matilda was born 2 years ago I’ve done it less than 5 times.
    What I do more is definitely experience emotions both happy and sad, before children things were definitely more stable.
    I think you feel the most change when you have small children like we do, as they get older and a bit more independent so we start getting some of that time etc back.

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