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Nobody likes to hear a crying baby. I’ve often wondered if the military use the sound of a crying baby to coax out information from people in interrogations. If not, they should!

In the past, we have used the cry it out method of getting BB to settle to sleep and if we need to, we will do the same with LB. Crying isn’t fun for anybody.

BrotherlyLoveRecently however BB discovered, he also doesn’t like the sound of a crying baby. It’s never bothered him before when LB was crying to be fed, to be rocked to sleep, or just to get some attention ( I swear one day he actually said JUST PLAY WITH ME), or that could have been the beer talking.
In the past BB has just ignored his little brother when he cried and short of a glancing look as if to say, shut up I can’t hear Mickey Mouse, it never bothered him. Until now.

The other day while The Mrs was driving, Samuel started to cry. The Mrs obviously did all she could to settle him while she was driving, but nothing would stop his wailing. Then, like a scene from a horror movies, the cries of LB were joined by the sound of BB crying! It seems seeing his little brother in tears is enough for him to she’d his own.
This has happened twice now and I’m guessing its going t happen again!


Is this just BB getting in touch with his emotions?
Is it him thinking if HE cries, he might get the attention LB is getting?
Is it because he sees his little brother upset, which in turn upsets him?
Is this the first sign of brotherly love and the bond they will one day cherish?

I’m hoping so. Well gotta go, I think I hear a baby crying…oh here we go again!

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  1. awww poor you! perhaps this joint crying is to prove that LB needs some help so BB helps get an adults attention?

    thank you for linking up with #magicmoments x

  2. Same thing happened to us. Our youngest was crying and our three year old was in tears cause he was worried about him and couldn’t help him strapped into the seat. He was genuinely upset caring about his brother, probably one of the most touching moments as a dad.

  3. We had this with Matilda when we first brought Henry home, she was only 13 months old and would instantly start crying whenever he did. We had to show her that it was ok and he was just being grumpy.
    I think you need to make sure not to make a big deal out of it otherwise BB will realise it gets him attention and keep doing it.

  4. I completely agree with having people being interrogated by the screams/crys of a baby…that would SO work! They’d crack in minutes!! That sound after a while really drills into the core of your noodle huh.

    Thanks for linking up with this weeks mad Mid-Week Blog Hop xx

    1. I have already had the CIA calling me asking if LB is available for bookings. I’ve told them they now come as a double act….they said they would call me. lol

      Thanks for the comment

    1. Think it might be a bit of both. He still does some very cute brotherly things but the wife is convinced he only brings him toys so he’s quiet!

  5. Hello 🙂 Just popping over from the mad mid-week blog hop! Bless your little boys, I totally agree hearing a baby cry is awful. I only have the one so not sure on why BB is doing it however if my little girl sees ANYONE cry she has to comfort them! I think the little ones are more in tune with their emotions (and other peoples) than we realise sometimes x

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