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Since beginning my blogging journey, I have often seen many reputable bloggers posting guest posts on other people’s blogs.
Bloggers sometime use guest bloggers, to keep their own blog going while they are away on holidays, or even keep a linky going so those who enjoy getting involved, don’t miss out while the usual host is sunning themselves in Bournemouth. (I don’t know why I picked Bournemouth for this analogy, but I am sure it’s lovely!).

Another use of guest posts, is to be featured on an organisations or company websites.

I never thought either would happen to me. I can barely entertain the 4 readers I have on this blog, whom I love dearly, so why would any other website want to include my drivel.

Well it turns out I was wrong.

I was recently both shocked an honoured that 2 websites asked me to guest post for them and my first guest post EVER went live this week!

The first was the guys over at I wrote a piece a while ago, about the tug of war I am sure many parents have between what is acceptable and what grandparent allow their kids to get away with! Check out my post over at

WTE_logoThe second one was I think pretty much every parent has heard of this brand and probably own one of the many books that WTE have published over the past few years. I was surprised that such a well-known brand was interested in anything I had to say, but surprisingly, they liked what I wrote and my first EVER guest post has gone live!
I won’t spoil it for you here, so head on over to and take a look at my latest tale of wisdom. If enough of you go say hi, they may even ask me back!

Did I mention it my first guest post EVER?*

As always thanks for reading

*After typing that, I am now doubhting if this is infact my first ever guest post…….but I think it is lol.

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