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C’mon now, we’ve all thought of it…..Wouldnt it be EASIER, if we ALWAYS wore nappies?


Just Me?

Oh! *Awkward*

What I meant to say was, we’ve all wondered, if we could have any super power, what super power would we have?

Some would say invisibility so they could sneak around unnoticed. Some would choose super strength or the ability to move at the speed of light! (I wish for this every time I have to go shopping in ASDA!)
A while ago, this conversation popped up on twitter and we were asked what super power we thought we already possessed. I answered with something akin too, the power to eat everything insight.

As part of a post on another blog, I was then brought to life as….

Now-a-days, I’m on a strict diet to try and lose some of me, so ‘The Glomp’ is in retirement but I’ve developed a new super power. Its the ability to convey my message convincingly by raising the decibel level of my voice (AKA I have a loud voice).
Having a loud voice is great with kids. If asking them politely to do this or that, as soon as I use my super power, BOOM, it seems to happen that little bit faster. When BB is mis-behaving instead of getting ready for bed, BOOM, super power unleashed and a little bit of order is restored.

That sad part of this story is Vodka may just be my Kryptonite. After a few the night before, I woke up and I had lot my super power! In it’s place was a raspy, bare legible version of my super power.
To test this theory, I am just going to have to conduct some experiments and drink some more vodka….Oh well, the things we do in the name of science!

Due to my new super power, I think I need a new name.
Add some super hero name suggestions in the comments below and if your artistically inclined, feel free to draw it!

I’m off to prepare for my experiment, by showering, getting suited and booted and attending a wedding!

As always, thanks for reading!


Credit for ‘The Glomp’ goes to ‘Scotty’ over at Dads who change diapers.


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