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I just can’t seem to do it!
Well, I can do it sometimes but why does it always feel awkward?
Maybe because I’m not used to doing it?
I wonder If I’ll ever be able to do it?

Why can’t I just……TAKE A COMPLIMENT?

Since January, my beautiful wife and I have been on a journey of discovery. A journey to discover the inner ‘thinness’ within ourselves, or as some would say, we’ve been on a diet.

We have both done incrediblycompliment well and people are starting to notice.

It started off as a simple “Are you losing weight?”. This simple observation is straight forward and generalised. I mean what fat person isn’t normally trying to shift a few pounds, lifting pork pies with a bicep curl is bound to burn a few calories, right?
This is a compliment only fit for he minor leagues of compliments. It’s simply an indication that people have noticed your on a diet and may even be that they don’t think you HAVE lost any weight, but feel compelled to motivate you by asking this little gem of a question.

But now, the question has now made way for a bigger, scarier compliment. It isn’t a question anymore, it’s a statement. There not asking. They’re telling and yesterday, I heard this fateful words and was unsure how to react.

“Bloody hell, you’ve lost some weight!”

I can’t remember my response but instead of feeling proud of my achievement and simply offering thanks to the person, I’m sure I will have cracked a joke about needing to lose another couple of tons or something to distract the attention away from the compliment.

I just can’t take a compliment!

Is it a man thing?
Is it a natural thing?
Am I allergic to compliments and if I just say thanks, I’ll come out blotchy and itchy?

Hopefully one day, this dreadful affliction will dissipate and I will without thinking about it simply say ‘thanks’ and move on with my day.

And yes, before any if you say it, I have lost a few pounds……..*tries not to make joke*

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Well done for losing weight!

    I also struggle to take a compliment. I suppose we could focus more on the other person and how this praise is an act of kindness. By thinking about the other person and their good qualities we are taking our mind off ourselves and will feel less self-consicious as a result.

  2. Dude, you need to take some pride in what you’ve done. With statements like that you’ve clearly lost quite a bit and that takes some dedication. Enjoy your moment in the limelight.

    1. Cheers for the comment. I’m very proud of the 3 stone I have lost. Whther it is weight or me just doing something well, I can’t take compliments easily! lol

  3. Speaking as someone who lost a decent amount of weight last year (although not much more than you already have) let me tell you it gets easier to accept.

    Or at least it did for me, which was good, because for a while it felt like that’s all people had to talk to me about!

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