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With having two children, it’s difficult for a parent to give a fair share of attention to both kids.
We often find that on the days we are both at home, The Mrs will take care of LB and I’ll look after BB.

Well as part of Father’s Day The Mrs thought it would be a good idea for me to take LB to a baby sensory class, especially for daddy’s.
Baby sensory isn’t something we’ve really done before. The Mrs has gone to a few taster sessions, but due to location, time and money, never really kept with it.

All in all the class was great. We sat and played with different toys that help exercise a different part if LB’s senses.
This included doing things like singing and using our hands to gain the attention of our little ones. We used spoons to drum onto overturned boxes, we held onto a giant snake like thing which had different feels and textures and we even had bubbles. Not the monkey, actual bubbles! Who can’t have fun when there are bubbles?Sensory1

Although the clapping and singing stuff isn’t exactly my kinda thing, the rest of the morning was fun and it was great to share some quality time with LB.

Of course LB wasn’t allowed to have all the fun and BB came along and played around while we did our thing.

We had some pictures taken before the session that we have the choice to buy and they were kind enough to provide me with a free photograph key ring with a picture of my and my boys on it. Although I’m sure you’ll agree, it doesn’t look like they are having as much fun as their daddy!

My verdict on Baby Sensory classes?
Although some of it wasn’t for me and for that reason the cost is a bit of a turn off. (Classes are normally around £6), but I’m not you, so find some in your area and give it a go.

Thanks to the guys at Pudsey Sensory Classes for a fun morning!

As always, thanks reading.


  1. I’d never heard of Baby sensory until now – seems quite interesting although I think I’d side with you on feeling awkward about the singing and clappy bit (in public!)

    1. Thanks for he comment.
      It was good and possibly LB got a lot out if it and he probably enjoyed the singing.

      It’s definitely worth having a tater session to see if its for you.

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