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I haven’t pumped out a lot of posts recently and that’s because I’ve been too busy to have 5 mins free to type stuff up or the ideas I have for posts, quickly disappear when I eventually come to type them up.

Due to this, I have turned down a few PR requests lately that I would have been interested in normally, but not only was I too busy, I didn’t want this site to be full of reviews and no posts from me! However when I was contacted and asked to do a review for chucklemonster.com, I just couldn’t resist!
And if The Mrs is reading this before Mothers Day, stop now, it will only spoil it! lol (She promised she wouldn’t)

I have never used an on line greeting cards company before. I always felt that it was the done thing to go to the card shop of your choice, spend 3 hours looking at different cards, laughing at some, cooing over verses of others, only to then go back and pick up one of the first cards you found.
BUT as I have been busy, (have I mentioned that?) I’m useless and didn’t want to leave it too late and my first impressions of the site were good, so I figured I would give it a go!

For fairness and variety, I ordered 3 cards. All medium and all at a great price (£1.99each).
I thought the personalisation of the cards would be much more difficult than it was. I simply picked the style I want and uploaded the picture of my choosing.
As I haven’t used this type of site before, I’m not sure if this is the norm, but Chucklemonster actually allows you to upload direct from Facebook! Personally I think this is a great facility. A lot of our photographs are taken using our smart phones and put straight onto Facebook.
On more than one occasion, ‘The Mrs’ has sent me a picture, I’ve shown it to someone, only for them to tell me they have already seen it on line, so having the option if I wanted to use it, was a great idea.

Within 5 minutes I had uploaded my desired image and personalised the messages inside the card.
The site, was easy to navigate and had a large range of cards for all occasions not just Mothers Day.
I used the normal 1st class delivery option (Free) and only 2 days later my cards arrived. The quality of card is great and the finish of each card was of a high standard. I have recently been involved in some printing so I appreciate a good piece of card!

With the option of sending your card direct to your recipient or to yourself, they really do have everything covered.

When it comes to to ordering cards on line you should definitely give chucklemonster.com a go and if you order now, theres still enough time to order from their Mothers Day range!

The cards look great!

Loved the site, loved the cards, love the service, therfore I’m gonna give chucklemonster.com top marks!

(5 out of 5)

Thanks to the guys over at chucklemonster.com, The Mrs will wake up on Mothers Day with a smile on her face.

As always, Thanks for reading.


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