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Welcome back to my (Non)Award winning blog!! (That sentence reads better if you read it faster!…..You read it again didn’t you?)

I know this blog will probably never win any awards. That’s not to say it isn’t any good, but it is just one of a whole plethora of amazing, more worthy blogs you can find in the blogosphere! So I’m cool with that.

To appreciate and raise awareness of those amazeballs* blogs, there is numerous blogging awards available thought the year. One of the big ones is the MADs (Mum And Dads for those falling asleep).

This post isn’t a begging letter and as I’m not going to give myself a vote this year, I’m not expecting to be nominated at all. What I would like you to do dear readers is just vote! If you follow my little journey, you probably follow others, so you should find it easy to pick a blog for each category.

Last year all hell broke loose**when the guys over at the MADs announced their finalists and not one dad blog made in into the finals.
I’ve learnt over the past 2 year that dads still have a tiny voice in the blogging world but its getting louder post by post.

So if you love a dad blog show them some live in this years MADs!

Pop over now to http://www.the-mads.com/vote/ and make your vote count!!

As always, thanks for reading.
* Apologies for including such a word in such a high brow blog.
** maybe a slight exaggeration. Lets just say fists were clenched….then shaken disapprovingly!


  1. I have yet to make my nominations but there are a few great daddy bloggers around so I will be sure to keep you all in mind, I am not sure if to push for votes for myself tho, yet to decided.

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