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Is 3 weeks too young for a baby to have his own room?

I cant believe I’m asking that question, but it’s something we’re considering.
I’ve now lost count of the late nights or early mornings, where I have ended up sitting downstairs with LB, just so The Mrs can get some un-broken sleep. (Although I have enjoyed some time alone with my Xbox!) That’s not taking into consideration the number of hours, we’ve been kept awake, while trying to settle him after a feed or generally during the night.

On first appearance, LB appears to be sleeping soundly, a few wriggles here and there, but his eyes are firmly shut. Then, when you least expect it (or when you finally relax back into bed), the noises start.

Grumbles and moans, bleating lambs and demented goats. The sound a person might make during a nice big stretch or even what appears to be him trying to fill yet another nappy. During the day these sounds don’t appear too harmful to a delicate ear, but when all is silent and sleep is eluding you, these sounds are amplified.You cold even go as far as to say he’s snoring!

From reading the many experiences on line, this isn’t a new thing. Babies have been doing it for years and it normally passes, but maybe not quick enough. This is continuing to keep us awake (The Mrs more than me) and when your getting broken sleep because of feeding, the last thing you need is something stopping you going back to sleep.

On the other hand, I feel bad putting such a young baby in a room alone. It’s next door to ours, but maybe because it’s not the norm, something in the back of my mind tells me I shouldn’t consider it. We put BB in a room of his own after 6 weeks and I thought that was early, with LB I am considering it sooner.

Whats the earliest you would put a child in his or her own room?
Any suggestions on why he may be so noisy?
Any suggestions on where we can buy ear plugs in bulk?

Right, I’m off to try and doze while watching infomercials trying to sell me a steam cleaner.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. I think you need to do what’s right for you, we moved Matilda at 6 weeks because she was so bloody noisy so similar to you guys. But Henry stayed until 6 months, not sure if he was quieter or we just got better at sleeping through it.
    If it helps you all sleep better then why not? Or could one of you sleep in the spare room so you take it in turns to get a good sleep?

  2. We let ours sleep in our room until they were totally cool going it alone, I just felt so bad putting them all alone when they were so wee
    They are only babies once and it doesnt last long.
    Great looking blog, i’ve only just started mine so still trying to figure it all out

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