It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at FTD HQ!

I have never been a big fan of Christmas.

I can’t ever remember as a child any happy Christmas’s. I’m sure I must have had them. We didn’t have a lot of money but I know my mum would have done everything she could to make it as special as possible.
My parents separated in January 1990 so as you can imagine, Christmas wasn’t too great around then. (I was 9). Add that to the mis-pleasure of seeing a grand parent passing away on Christmas Day…in my room…when I was 8….needless to say….Didn’t make for a fun Christmas either!

As an adult, I have still not been fussed about Christmas. Always seen it as a time for children and up until I had some, that meant just going with the flow and trying to not to ruin everybody else’s Christmas, no matter how Bah-Humbug I felt!

Well, things are changing. We have kids now (Technically number 2 hasn’t arrived yet, but he should be here anytime!), so things are starting to get Christmassy!

There have been years in our house where we haven’t even bothered putting a tree up!
Now it’s different and I am more than happy to get into the Christmas spirit….to an extent lol!

The tree is up and decorated, there’s even a little stocking on the fireplace. Benjamin even has an advent calender! Unfortunately this has lead to many tears when we try and explain to him why he cant eat 25 chocolates all at once!

A friend was telling me, that every year, himself, his wife and both their boys make an occasion of putting the tree and decorating it. They put a Christmas movie on the telly and all decorate the tree. I hope we have that one day. (I am NOT letting Benjamin near the tree just yet!)

I really look forward to the day my kids wake up and look to see if Santa has been and what he has brought for them…if they have been good of course! Unfortunately that might not happen for a while because Benjamin wont sit on Santa’s knee and tell him what he wants!

Every week, The Mrs takes Benjamin to a play group and this week Santa came to visit. Benjamin wanted nothing to do with the whole thing. After a few tears, we decided Santa can wait for another year. It’s all surprising really as you think he would be OK with a jolly* bearded fat man, after all he’s just like daddy!

Not a happy bunny!

*Probably not in most peoples opinion!

What traditions do you and your family have at Christmas time?
How old were your little ones before the understood about Santa?

As always, answers on a post card, or more conveniently, in the comments box below.

As always thanks for reading

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