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I read some sad news today.
Nothing life changing. Nothing too terrible, but it will mean a change to the norm, which although I have obviously got better with over the last year or two, is still a change I don’t like.

I found out today, that from Spring 2013, us guys in the UK and those of you in Europe, will no longer be able to purchase Huggies nappies!! That’s like Pepsi announcing they wont be doing Pepsi max anymore. (In all seriousness, if they did do that, I will be found chained to the factory gates on a hunger strike…..which lets face it may take a while!). The company has decided to concentrate on non-fastening nappies such as pull-ups and will continue to make Huggies-branded wipes and Little Swimmers.

 Since we discovered we were expecting we have always been a Huggies household.
At one point, we counted and we had over 2000 nappies and I reckon 98% of them were Huggies.This has been for three reasons;

Our “small” collection

1 – They are the cheapest, best quality nappies on the market. Yes, you can buy own brand nappies that will be cheaper and some would say just as good quality, but in our opinion, you can’t get better than Huggies!
2 – They seemed to be the least leaky. On the odd occasion we have used the well known competitor (Hint: It rhymes with Schmampers), they have also leaked. As a parent, that’s just another thing to worry about and have to keep checking.
3 – Huggies have always been generous with vouchers. There are always vouchers for discounted Huggies. Either in magazines, the ‘Emma’s Diary’ bags and anything else family related.

It looks as though number 3 was it’s downfall. Due to lack of profits, (Net income came in at $537m (¬£335m), up 17.2% from the same period last year. Net sales were down 3%, but profits were boosted by $100m of cost savings.) Not only is it a shame that the UK will lose such a well known brand of nappies, but it will also mean a large number of job losses both here in the UK and in Spain.

Well, we will continue to buy Huggies for as long as possible and then who knows? Maybe one of my lovely followers can recommend some good quality poo catchers?

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Congratulations on the news of your baby no 2. I remember when I found out that we were expecting baby no 2 about 2 years ago,(our eldest was 2 years old at that time) I became so stress because I am not ready for another baby-yet. He is now 2 years old, and today I am thankful because when I feel not yet ready, he arrive just at the right time.


  2. We made the move to reuseables with no.2, having 2 babies under 2 means a whole lot of nappies and just couldnt justify the cost. Few months in seems to be working well so far.

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