Best Christmas EVER!

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Wow, what a day.
Benjamin has been going since 8am and he only stopped for a 45 minute nap at lunchtime. We have been visited by Santa TWICE. First at our house where he brought Benjamin a kitchen to play with and lots of other toys to play with too!

I cant really remember many Christmas’s, but I practically every year I have had the pleasure of being with The Mrs, we have spent Christmas day together with her side of the family. Me, The Mrs, Grandma, Grandad, Aunty C and now of course Benjamin and Samuel. Then on boxing day, with my family.

So after my yearly visit to the crematorium to light a candle for my mum and dad as it’s as close as I get to seeing them at Christmas, a few hundred rides on his new ride-a-long Mickey plane and a little nap (Him not me), we made our way to Grandma and Grandads and guess what!!…..
That’s Right!, Santa had so many presents for Benjamin, that he couldn’t leave them all in one place, so he had left some there too!

Grandma makes an great Christmas dinner, with Turkey, Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings.
We sat down and all ate together and even Benjamin had his first ever Christmas dinner. Last year he was only 5 months old and was still being fed by mummy, so you could argue he had his Christmas dinner the next day! lol

After dinner, we opened yet MORE presents from family and friends and generally sat around regretting eating so much, but hey…we all have to have a tradition right?

So here we are, bedtime on our second Christmas day as parents. I think it’s been the best Christmas EVER! Hopefully next year will be even better with 2 little ones running around.
I hope, however you spent your Christmas, it was a great one.

As always, thanks for reading!

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