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5 weeks to go!

5! Five! Cino! Cinq! Funf! 伍! It doesn’t matter how you say it, it doesn’t matter what language it’s in… 5 is not a big number!! (That last one is Chinese if you wondered?)

5 blooming weeks!
At this point in pregnancy number one, we were just about to leave the house, with hospital bag in hand. Both crapping ourselves (The Mrs a little bit more than me) about what was to come.

You would never get me jumping out of a plane, but I imagine the feeling is similar. There you are, about to experience something amazing. Something that most people in life would love to experience. But when your just about to take that leap, you cant help but think it may not have been a great idea and you should have kept it in your pants..OK, that last bit may not apply to sky diving.

So here we are. By the end of today, The Mrs has never been so pregnant.

We have had conversations with “Rupert” and explained that it would be helpful if he stayed in there a little bit longer, just so that he is ripe and ready when the time comes and so far he’s listening and kicking in agreeance.

We dont want a repeat of last time. The first week Benjamin was in ICU was difficult for both of us. The Mrs had to stay in hospital for a week and I had go back and forth trying to keep the ship sailing. Hopefully, that wont happen this time.

A friend recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and she was home within 36 hours. Thats what we want. No fuss. Just have a baby and go home as a new family.

So for the next 2 weeks I can imagine those old wives tales are being avoided.
No Hot curry
No trips down a bumpy road
No doing the No Pants Dance
No Carbonara (This was the meal The Mrs had the night before she went into labor)

Altough it will be difficult to avoid all those ( I really like bumpy roads) these things have to be done, just incase any of thm turn out to be true.

Lets hope in 2 weeks time, I need to learn how to say 2 weeks in Chinese!

5 Weeks! *gulp*

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