FTD REVIEW: Anti-slip bath safety circles

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Well here goes….my first review!

What deserves such an honour? These guys…..

Why these guys? I chose these guys because they didn’t even ask for  review. They simply saw my account on twitter, figured they would do me favour and offered me their product. No strings attached!

Now on the off chance that they gave them to a blogger who has never done a review before in the hope he would start doing reviews and maybe even start with the product they gave him without even asking for a review? It worked!

In the pack I received we got little white circles on backing paper and a template.

The template is a great idea. it shows you how best you can layout the circles and create your perfect non-slip bath surface.

Now, I’m not your typical bloke, but in this case, i did what a typical bloke would do…..I didn’t bother with the instructions! I also didn’t have much chance. It was close to bath time and I wanted to try these babies out.

So, I opened the packaging and placed the circles in a formation I can only described as drunk and uneven!

The circles stuck straight away and I could tell when I tried to move them that without a a good tug, they weren’t going anywhere.
When happy with my pattern, we filled the bath and let Benjamin take his place in the tub.

Normally, he crawls around the bath chasing whatever toy he chooses to soak the bathroom with that evening and it normally ends up with him slipping and him temporarily dunking his own head in the water….so far, after 4 nights use, that has only happened once, so a definite improvement there!
This product is great for little ones and there was a definite lack of slipping.

Now of course, Benjamin isn’t the only one that uses the bath. So me and The Mrs have to have an opinion don’t we!

What she says:
The circles are small and discreet enough that you don’t really notice them when your stood on them taking a shower and I have definitely seen a difference at bath time.

What He said:
These are definitely a great addition to any bath time routine. Easy to install and unlike a bathmat, they don’t seem to retain any water so there should be less mould.

All in all a great product and I would definitely recommend them. The only thing I would change is that I would supply different sizes, so hat nearer the front of the bath where the bigger members of the family stand in the shower can also benefit from them.

So finally the score.
Couldn’t really find anything wrong with the product and my only complaint (if you can call it that, is that they should make them a little bigger for my big feet!
Therefore they get an FTD score of;

(4 out of 5)

Well, my first review and it’s finally in the bag. Hopefully you liked it and hopefully you take a look at the Anti-Slip bath safety circles.

Also the guys over at Non-Slip have been kind enough to offer a special offer,. Just for the readers of my blog! Don’t you all feel special!
Simply order yourself a pack of these bad boys and you will get another pack absolutely FREE! Make your order as normal and e-mail info@nonslipbath.co.uk and tell them first-time-daddy sent you!

For more information, visit their website at http://www.nonslipbath.co.uk/

As always, thanks for reading

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