16 weeks ’till Christmas!

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Did you know it’s only 16 weeks till Christmas? 16 WEEKS!!

Don’t worry, this post isn’t about Christmas. Its about the fact that it’s only 16 weeks till Christmas. Actually its not even about the fact that it’s 16 weeks till Christmas. Its about the fact that in 16 weeks…..I will be a dad of two!
It just doesn’t seem possible! In just 16 short weeks, our second baby boy will hopefully be here, safe and sound.
I don’t seem like I have a lot of time to blog anymore and by the looks of it, my life is only going to get busier….OR, having 2 kids will only mean I have more to blog about!

16 WEEKS!!

In 16 weeks, we will have to teach Benjamin, that this little person (Who not long ago was him), is his baby brother. Of course he wont understand, not really. Or maybe he will. We have told him that there is a baby inside mummies belly. He has even laid his head on the belly but that might be because he has seen me do the same. On one or two occasions he has actually taken his dummy out and pressed it against her tummy, as if to pass it to “Rupert”. All these of course could just be coincidence and we see them as we want to see them, little signs that he understands.

16 WEEKS!!!

Other than the issue with the scan, everything has been plain sailing and it’s easy for the thought of having 2 kids to look after to escape your mind. With moving house as well, it gets pushed to the back of your brain. But now with the Christmas season only 16 WEEKS away, I’m sure those reminders will come thick and fast. Adverts on TV, decorations will be put up and advent calendars started. All these will be reminders that if “Rupert” arrives as scheduled, it will only be 3 days after the supposed birth of Christ, we will have our own nativity play, with hopefully a bit more of a comfortable setting.
Tell me it will be OK. Tell me that when you had your second child, it went great and this ‘Second child syndrome’ is a myth. Tell me your willing to send me your life savings, so it’s one less thing to think about…OK maybe not.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

P.S. 16 WEEKS!!!

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