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That’s not actually his name we have chosen, it is just a name we are using to refer to him for now at least. Nothing against any Rupert’s reading this, it’s just not a name we can see one of our kids with! lol but it suits a bump!

Well as I said in my last post the Mrs won the battle and we found out that we are going to be team blue and have another baby boy!……..and, here is our little baby boy posing in his latest photo shoot.

We recently had our 20 week scan and 99% of everything as checked out. Unfortunately, we still don’t know about the other 2%.

When conducting the scan last week, the sonographer was unable to check the heart valves correctly and couldn’t see the palette properly.
So back again we went today and again, not everything could be checked.
This time, a consultant did the scan but little Rupert, just wouldn’t lay in a position that allowed her to see everything.

This means a few things.
1) It appears the second child syndrome I keep hearing about, where the 2nd child is a nightmare may be true!
2) I will be worrying about this until the next can and no doubt it will be nothing to worry about at all and
3) We have to have ANOTHER scan. This time in Leeds, this time at a specialist department, so hopefully they have some better equipment so they can check the heart.

So, it appears the second pregnancy, won’t go as smoothly as the first, but we do know, no matter what, problem or no problem, we will love Rupert, or whatever we choose to name him, with all our hearts, well as much as Benjamin will allow!

Will keep you updated once we know anything more, and of course
Thanks for reading


  1. Congratulations daddy !

    I have something special for the colour BLUE, so I am on your team already.

    Will be looking out for more updates, lol.


  2. I love the names people give to the bump, we had bean and sprout but we didn’t know if we were team blue or pink so couldnt give a name like you guys. But congratulations and don’t sweat the scan I’m sure everything will be fine, just a fidgety baby

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