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All the way through pregnancy number 1, we were team yellow. I you don’t know what I’m talking about, it works like this:
Team Blue: You know it’s a boy
Team Pink: You know it’s a girl
Team Yellow: You chose not to find out.

When you go for a 20 weeks scan, the first thing the Sonographer asks you is if you want to find out the gender of the baby…anyway to make a long story longer, first time round we said no and heres an old post about the first time we made this decision;

This time round, we may give a different answer.

With Benjamin, it was great to have the surprise. You can never be UN-told so we decided to keep ourselves in the dark for that reason, and when he was born and we found out for the first time that cooking in there for 35 weeks had been a little baby boy, we realised it was worth the wait.

BUT, that was then.

Now, we have to make the same decision. on the 11th August we go for the 20 weeks scan and when we are asked that fateful question, I don’t think we can resist saying yes.

We have good reasons.
It will make decorating so much easier. We are in the motions of moving, so it would be helpful to know.
We already have a boy, therefore if we are having a boy, we know we have most stuff, or if indeed its a girl, we can be prepared for that also… that i mean Christine can go buy some pretty dresses. (For the baby, not me…..I have my own).

So, what did you do? What do you think.

Do we stay team yellow, or remove the mystery and find out if we are team Blue or Pink>


  1. We opted to not find out too (team yellow) and were convinced the entire pregnancy that it would be a boy, but we were wrong.

    Don’t want to worry you but there have been occasions when the 20 week scan sonographer has got it wrong 😉

  2. We wanted to be Team Yellow for #1, but were forced to wear pink! My wife had gestational diabetes so as the pregnancy progressed, she eventually had to get an ultrasound every two weeks. It was great because we got to see the baby many times. During one of the scans, we were told a radiologist was going to be doing it rather than the ultrasound tech. I think he must have been a resident and getting some practice. The tech was there next to him and confirming all the images he took. From where I was sitting I had a perfect view of the screen. At one point, I saw him type XX on the screen and ask if the tech agreed. She nodded. I’m not sure if they just weren’t thinking that I could see the screen or were assynubg that I wouldn’t know their “secret code”, but as soon a I saw those two letters, I got a goofy look on my face and my wife could tell something was up. I told her once they left the room. For a split second I considered not saying anything, but I knew I couldn’t keep something like that from her. Even though we found out early, we were very happy, especially my wife since she could now go out and buy pretty outfits.

    #2 is on the way and we opted to find out this time. We are Team Pink again!

  3. With our first we were Team Blue. My wife was bound and determined to find out so that she could plan everything to the smallest detail, and while I would have preferred not knowing, She felt far more strongly than I did, so Team Blue it was. lol

    For our second my wife was once again determined to find out but the tech was unable to make a positive ID, and so I celebrated my little victory and we were Team Yellow. (And ended up with a baby girl)

    For me, nothing compares to the surprise of finding out when they are born. Sure it’s a surprise when you find out during the ultrasound, and that’s how I justified it to everyone, but now that I’ve done both, to me, it doesn’t compare.

    My wife would vehemently disagree saying she would have rather known. And she would have been handy to clear out all the boy baby clothes and decorate accordingly.

    If I could have done it differently I would have had the first be a surprise and found out for the second, because the additional planning is handy, especially with so much baby stuff around. 🙂

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