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Benjamin 17/07/11

I still cant quite believe it. A year ago today we were sat in the hospital. Still in shock at the imminent unexpected arrival of the little boy or girl we shouldn’t be meeting for another 5 weeks. At 04:30 Christine’s water had broken and at 08:00 we were sat in the hospital. We just kept looking at each other, the idea of becoming parents there and then, not quite sinking in.

Most know our history and some have read my birth story, if not, you can read it HERE.
It’s been an amazing year. From the first smile, all the way to last Sunday when we had a little tea party with family and friends to celebrate the little mans first big day.
It was a low key affair. The menu consisted of Ham, cheese and egg mayo sandwiches. We had jelly and ice cream for desert and even a Caterpillar cake. 
Presents were given, fun was had and that poor caterpillar, didn’t last long!

New toy!!
Another new toy!!!

Our plan for today is much like any other Tuesday. Sleep followed by play, followed by nap, followed by food, more fun, more nap, more food, EVEN more play then maybe more sleep. Even at 12 months, it’s a hard life! Although today is of course special, and because of this we did a little toy shopping…Just a little bit.

Benjamin 17/07/12

In December, when we welcome baby No2, I hope we re-live the 17th July. It really could not have gone better. I have blabbed on and on about how amazing Christine was that day and if you knew her as well as I do, you’d know she gets man-flu worse than me, so for her to be as great as she was still surprises me and probably her! 

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