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It has actually been 12 days since my last confession but it feels like I last posted forever ago. I have been itching to blog, but everytime I sit down, time seems to excape me, or my mind draws a blank.

Anywhoo so much seems to have happened since I blogged last.

We had the shooting in th US at a Batman screening (Very sad, Very shocking although what do you expect when a country bans batman costumes but allows a legal weapon in a cinema?)
We’ve had the olympics begin (Loved the opening ceremony, was only spoiled by the Olympian parade and  Paul ‘Show me the money’ McCartney)
and last but not least, Benjiman is getting his 6th tooth.

Hopefully will post up some more blogs in the coming days, but I just wanted to say hi to those that have probably not even noticed I havent been about, I am indeed still here *waves*.

Take care all and thanks for reading.

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