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Before any of you think I have finally cracked up and started yapping about fashion, I can assure you that is not the case. This dude will NEVER pretend to be fashionable.

THE Look

THE look I am referring to is a look, only a parent can have and most parents do! Not only do you have to be a parent to have THE look, THE look only works with the child of that parent. My mum had THE look, I know my Father-in-law has THE look and I’m slowly beginning to think I am perfecting THE look. 
They (Whoever “they” are), say action speak louder than words and this is why THE look is so effective. When Benjamin does something and he sees THE look, he knows to stop whatever mischievous thing he is doing.

THE Voice

I’m lucky, I don’t just have THE look, I have THE voice.
As some will know, I’m a fairly big guy and it’s no surprise that most opera singers are also fatties like me. I can be very loud and scary when I want to be!
You can’t have a ying withojjut a yang, you can’t have an up without a down and you can’t have THE look without sometimes needing THE voice. When Benjamin is looking away from you, or he is simply too far away to clearly see THE look, I have to double up…The Voice then THE look…POW.
Over the years Batman has tried to perfect THE look!

Even Batman’s utility belt is unable to hold such powerful tools!
So whets your favourite tool against mischevinesness? (Yes I just made that up)
Do you use THE look? 
Do you use THE voice?
Or do you use the good old threat/exchange? (If you don’t stop doing X, you won’t get Y)?
As always, Thanks for reading
PS: No doubt nobody has noticed, but changed the look of the blog recently, so any feedback would be welcomed.


  1. I’ve found that my secret weapon changes depending who I’m dealing with. The look/voice combo works with the 1yo but with the 3yo it’s making Daddy cross. As in, after repeatedly telling her to do something and being ignored, I adopt THE VOICE and ask “do you WANT to make Daddy cross?”

    So far it’s worked every time. So far…

  2. Honestly as a dad of 4 I do whatever it takes to work on that particular kid. With number four nothing works! She believes she owns the world!!! Congrats on number two! Would love it if you would check out my blog for men and let me know your thoughts.


  3. I’ve a lot to learn I think. I can manage get teams of people at work to do what I want my my 2 year old daughter seems to have it over me every time. I’ve been spending a lot of time doing the “if you keep doing…. then you won’t” which works but takes a lot more effort than a quick look.


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