Why? A Meme Double Feature!

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I have taken part in Meme’s before. Some funny, some informative and some probably very boring to you all.

Why? Part 1
Part one of this meme is courtesy of my ever funnier name sake Lewis over at babberblog.

Anyway, this meme is called “why”. It’s dead simple. Kids like saying why. Why? Dunno. But they do. It’s an indisputable FACT. Actually, my kid’s only eight weeks old, so I’m going to have to assume he will, at some point, like asking why. 
The meme is our chance, as parents, to ask some questions back, so here I go:

Why is it that you always wait until I have JUST changed your nappy to fill it again?

Why don’t you understand that kicking me when I am trying to fasten your baby grow, actually slows the process you are obviously trying to stop me from doing?

Why is it, when you are falling asleep on my knee, I take you to bed and you scream and refuse to sleep? You’re obviously tired!!

Why have we spent all this money on toys for you, but you seem intent on stealing the dogs toys?

Why does a bottle of warm milk help you go to sleep on a night, but it doesn’t when you have it for breakfast the next day?

Why is that when mummy puts you to sleep, you sleep for 2 hours and when I put you down for a nap you sleep for half an hour and are grumpy as hell because of it?

Why when we make no plans, you sleep and wake around the same time, when we make plans to go out, you oversleep and we end up being late?

Why, when I sit you down at home, you just want to crawl about, but when I take you to soft play where you can go where you like, you stay in one spot chewing a ball? 

Why do you wait until I smell your bum to see if you need changing, do you insist on unleashing an unholy fart, right in my face?

Why when you go to give me a kiss, do you open your mouth, like a great white shark attacking a boat?

I feel I could go on but instead…

Why? Part 2

I have done a Part Deux is because I was ALSO tagged by Darren over at onedad3girls.com/ with a more general themes of why?

So here goes…

Why do I never fancy, what has already been made for tea?

Why do I never notice myself looking at the time, but the day I don’t wear a watch I keep glancing at my bare wrist and swearing when I realise I’m not wearing a watch!?

Why is that I always have these sort of questions, until somebody tags me in a meme especially  about these sort of questions?

Why does something that takes 5 minutes to do on a morning, knock my routine out and make me 10 minuted late?

Why do people still watch standard definition TV, when they get the HD channels free?

Why does my very loud shouty voice, scare some, but it makes my 10 month old laugh?

Why, when I have a couple hours spare time, is there nothing on telly, but when I am busy, there is always something on I want to watch?

Why can somebody tell you something important, you forget it, but the moment they tell you it’s a secret, you want to tell the world and cant stop thinking about it!? 

Well, that’s lot of why’s?
Give me a few more months and I am sure I will have more!

As always, thanks for reading!

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