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When I was a kid (A looooooooooooooooong time ago), I had loads of aunties and uncles.
My mum was one of 14 children, So I grew up referring to auntie so-and-so, or Uncle whatsisname.

Aswell as the REAL aunties and uncles, I also learnt that many of the people I referred to as Auntie and Uncle were in fact simply friends of my parents. I’m not sure that this happens now-a-days? Good friends of mine are simply labelled with their name, not automatically made an auntie or an uncle.

So it was quite a surprise, that I became an ‘Uncle’ to a friends kids today.

I arranged with an old friend, to spend the afternoon, with him and his 2 young children. (we will call them J aged 3 and JJ aged 4). We decided as the weather wasn’t great, that the easiest and safest option would be to take us and the 3 kids in tow, to a close by Play Gym.
This play gym was frequented by J and JJ quite often and although it was the first time BB had been there and only his second ever visit to a soft play, they all had a good time.

So when my friend gave J and JJ their 10 minute warning that we were going home soon, J surprisingly asked his dad the little question; “Is Uncle Brian coming to our house?”

Now, which tooth did ya say was hurtin’?

Now, I don’t mind being known as ‘Uncle’ to kids other than my actual nephew, but I was puzzled as to why I was Uncle Brian! Unfortunately, J couldn’t give a reason for calling me Uncle Brian, even if I have only ever been introduced to them by my real name.

His dad couldn’t think of a reason for the funny name either, but I have been called much worse and I actually quite liked it. Even if I do look more like Uncle Buck!

So, did you have ‘Uncles and ‘Aunties’ when you were growing up?
Have you had a similar, strange nickname from other children?
What are you known as by your friends kids?

Answers on a post card….. or in the comments box below, either is good.

As always, thanks for reading


  1. I’m actually not sure about the whole friends who are uncles thing. It seems like just an easy thing to say rather than try to explain to kids what an uncle is. Maybe it was used more in the past because we had a close group of friends who were really like family. Whereas now people move around more so this doesnt happen so much?

  2. Never had this yet, and don’t remember calling anyone who wasn’t an uncle, uncle. I think it’s quite nice really, a show of affection.

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