Silence WAS golden!

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Only a couple of months ago, we would  welcome the silence of him playing with his toys or ‘reading’ a book to himself but now silence simply means he is up to something! He’s either attacking the TV, the laptop, the dogs toys or his current favourite? The back door! Every chance he gets, he makes a break for it! (I’m sure you have all read my previous post.)

Only a couple of months ago, we would welcome the sound of silence when he eventually settled into a slumber of sleep, but now when we hear a break in crying we don’t assume that he has settled, we play a game of sleep or stand.

When the screaming stops we try to decide if he has fallen asleep or is simply standing up. If he stops for more than 5 mins, we know hes found sleepville, if he stands, he simply carries on screaming until we press the reset button and we get to play again!

I’m sure you have all played the game, but I warn you, if they decide to create an event in the upcoming Olympics…I’m pretty good at it!

Have you got a similar game you play with your little one?

PS. I know that picture has nothing to do with this post, just thought it was waaaaaay cute!

As always, thanks for reading.

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