No more first-time-daddy?

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It’s not a definite decision yet, but I am seriously considering closing down this very blog, although I still love posting here, I just don’t feel it reflects me as it used to anymore….

You see, if all goes to plan, by December 2012, i will be SECOND-time-daddy!
Coming in December 2012, the sequel to the cutest little boy in OUR world at least!!
And of course
Go on, click play!

That’s right!
In December our little family, becomes a little less little!

So, now you see my predicament.
Do I keep the name I am currently known as, or do I change it and hope my few little followers, well…..follow?

Answers in the comments!

And of course any suggestions for a new blog name?


  1. Well congratulations! It’s a fair suggestion to change the name of the blog otherwise it might cause confusion. Not sure if there is a way to just change the name rather than start again? But maybe a fresh start is actually quite nice? But you best think long and hard about the name, don’t want to have to change it again!

  2. Congratulations! My phone won’t let me watch the video but I’ll watch it when I’m on laptop. Glad you’re not leaving us! I like the idea of crossing out the first too!

  3. Bearing in mind I’ve been writing as Potty Mummy at ‘The Potty Diaries’ for 5 years now and – thank god – we’ve not seen nappies in our house for more than 3 of those, personally I would say stick with what the name you have. Of course, in my case that does mean I get to field frequent mails from pr’s offering me newborn-baby advice and ‘stuff’ (reading the sidebar is apparently just not something they do), but other than that there have been no real issues with sticking with it. Apart, of course, from having to introduce myself to business contacts as ‘Potty Mummy’ but I see that as character forming…

  4. First of all congratulations that’s great news 🙂 and I loved the video

    I would keep the name, its what people know you by, its becomes a sort of nickname and if you can change the title but not the Url people will soon understand the concept.

  5. I’m visiting via Geek Mummy’s video round up on Britmums. Awesome video! You’ve got me thinking film inspired vlogs now…
    Congratulations to you! My suggestion would be to keep the name but have first crossed out and ‘second’ in graffiti/spray paint in the header?

  6. Hehe great video and grats to you and your family! If you are happy with the name then keep it. You can An example of a fellow blogger I can think of is And One More Means Four. She then had a fifth child and just added “… and 1 more” to the header but kept the same URL as and seems to work fine for her.

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