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We all have them.
Some are worse than others. Some are bad for our health like smoking, some are not, like biting your nails, and then there’s some that are really gross, like picking your nose and eating it.

Not that type of bad habit!

Benjamin, it would appear has already developed a couple of bad habits.
One of the little games we play is that I steal his dummy, place it into my mouth and he catches me, takes it off me and places it into his own mouth. This seemed so innocent and it turned out a good way to help develop his crawling and eventual walking and boy did it!
So when we began our tour of Soft play gyms (3 different ones in 3 weeks), it turned out this little parlour trick of ours may end up not being as innocent as I thought, because as calm as you like, he made his way over to a beautifully cute little girl and proceeded to remove her dummy and place it in his own mouth!! Way to stay cool with the ladies Benjamin..NOT!
Luckily it was attached with a cord to the little girl so he couldn’t do a runner with it, but it did make me think, what other bad habits do babies and toddlers develop because of their parents.

I know the use of dummies/pacifiers can be an interesting subject between parents and we try and limit the amount of time he has his dummy as I think it can lead to dodgy teeth and obviously a dependence, so we only really allow him to have it when he actually needs soothing; sleeping, if he is upset, or when we are going on long car journeys. So to me it’s one of those less harmful habits, but a habit that we allow our kids to have from an early stage.

One habit he DIDNT get from us, was his woody woodpecker impersonation. It appears he decided a teething ring wasn’t good enough, he wanted a teething cot.

As you can see he has really gone to town on his cot. This is the end of the cot we always find him, stood waiting for us when he wakes up on a morning.

What weird and wonderful habits have your little ones developed from an early age?

Hopefully Benjamin will develop a habit of writing incredible software (to make millions of course), or reading encyclopaedias for fun (to be highly educated….so he can make millions of course).

As always thanks for reading.

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  1. Oh dear, stealing another baby’s dummy! *tuts*

    That’s actually brilliant.

    As you know, we’re using a dummy with Cam. Like you, we try to minimise our use of it. Only sensible I reckon.

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